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2015 mod 1.5.1

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I know I was told not to make a new file each time I do an update. But people where complaining that it was in 3 parts so when I did an update I combined the files together. The mod does the following things to the game:
Carlos Sainz Jr to Toro Rosso(with photo)
Robert Frijns promoted (with photo)
Max Verstappen to Toro Rossa (with photo)
Felipe Nasr to Sauber (with photo)
Jenson Button
Jean-Eric Vergne
Both Sauber Drivers
Sebastian Vettel to Ferrari
Daniil Kvyat to Red Bull
Fernando Alonso to McLaren Honda
Marcus Ericsson to Sauber
Updated Statistics (as of 11/11/2014 {Brazlian GP was a few days ago})
Correct Photos in Grand Prix and Career Mode
Changes most 2014 text to 2015
Changes starting career mode email from talking about Sebastian Vettel to talking about Lewis Hamilton, Nico Robserg and Mercedes
At the start it says Copyright chessmaster02 for creating this 2015 mod
Changes what it says about the difficulties (enjoy! :)
Adds Honda engine (See my Honda McLaren Engine Mod)
Known Issues:
Some people may not like how the driver photos are. I have 2 things to say to that.
1. I am not good at photoshopping and
2. There weren't many photos available for new drivers
Also remember to download chadi1973's Honda McLaren skin to make the game more realistic. Also I am trying to get a skinner to make a Forza Rossa skin (a new team in 2015) which will replace Marussia. Please be patient with this. Also there is talk about some of the big teams running 3 cars, I will see if I can add this into the game if possible but only if they decide to do it in real life
If you want to have Manor Motorsport instead of Marussia go here:
The link will download the F1 2015 mod with Manor Motorsport (who have bought Marussia). To download the Manor Motorsport skin, please go:

Red Bull.gif

Sebastian Vettel Ferrari Picture.gif

Toro Rosso.gif

P.S. Race department you guys need to fix your upload speed stuff. I cannot use internet whilst uploading a mod so please make the speed quicker. Thanks.

Latest updates

  1. Fixed Felipe Nasr

    It had Felipe Nasr in lower case during race. Now it is fixed

Latest reviews

Great 2015 Mod! For Fettel you havê lots of photos by Melbourne
can you make the manor drivers?
good but button is in the team not magnussen
I know. Havent made an update in a while. Cause I switched to Forza Motorsport 5 that I got recently
How to insert this mod in the game?
Duh. You copy the 3 folders into your F1 2014 folder.
Its a fantastic mod, but I was wondering if you could tell me how I can replace Magnusson with Button? Personal preference but I cant find any guides online to database editing.

Thanks :D
I am going to make a separate file for that (it will be a link to mediafire)
Like Lesley said, if you get better at modding for CM F1 games (no offense indeed) you can make it way better in the next updates
if you get better pictures it will be 5 stars :D good mod
when you get more photoshop skills (no offense) this could become a very good mod, but it's indeed a bit too early imo
Next version I will spend a couple hours looking for photos and photoshopping them. This version I was time poor and only spent an hour doing the photoshopping. If anybody is good at photoshopping please PM me and we can organize you doing the photos and getting the credit.
I think you've put a lot of hard work into this however I think it is too early to make a 2015 mod, because we only know about a handful of drivers and teams. Since Marussia is now gone, in your mod is there another team or is there no team? However I think you have done good hard work but these are just my thoughts. :)
Marussia will probably go in the next update. I am looking for someone to contact me in regards of whether they can make a Forza Rossa Racing Team to replace Marussia. Once the skin is done I will add it into the game as well as some other stuff too. It will probably be after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix so by then it will have the 2015 stats and figures. In regards to the fact you think it is too early I don't think it is. If it is released now then by 2015 when the season kicks of we will be ready to race. And I know that codemasters will release F1 2015 earlier than this year. All in all I would currently call my mod a preview of the F1 2015 season.

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