2020  Redbull Urban Camo Livery

2020 Redbull Urban Camo Livery 2.0

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Hi Guys. This is my first livery for F1 2020, it's based on RedBull's 2018 Launch Livery, but it's not the same! Currently it's version 1.0 1.1.2, maybe I will make a better one. Enjoy!

Haven't had the time to make some decent pics, send me some if you want to make some for me! :)

Please don't reupload my work. And be sure to let me know if you make a video with it!
RedBull Camo Livery 3.jpeg
RedBull Camo Livery 2.jpeg
RedBull Camo Livery 1.jpeg

Let me know if you have any questions, so I can help you out!

Visit my webpage for updates and details of my future mods (SOON!)
Twitter: rickieboy8
Instagram: rickvantwesteinde
Nickname: cinegart

Latest updates

  1. Drag and Drop update

    You can now just easily replace the erp file.
  2. RB16 Testing Livery Camo V1.1.2

    - Fixed Albon's number, sometimes it was a little buggy.
  3. RB16 Testing Livery Camo V1.1.1

    - Added Number 23 Albon

Latest reviews

This ain't no bull lol
Great job
keep making mods! they are legit INSANE!!!!
I love the mod, i would also like if you would've made a myteam carrer mode one too ;)
Perfect for my season two on Youtube ! If you agree, can I use it please? Of course, you will be quoted with the link in the description! Very nice job !
Ofcourse! :))
1 thing can you ad the number of alex albon
Just did that!
As a small modder I think you did an amazing job with this livery. One of the best RB liveries I ve ever seen. Will you make a full team package? If not I am going to try and make the rest maybe.
Thank you! Maybe I will yes, good idea! Let me think about it :))

Latest News

File size
8.8 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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