2022 European Le Mans Series Pack

2022 European Le Mans Series Pack 1.1

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All the 2022 ELMS skins by @José Mª and @thomasjohansen gathered in one big pack.

Iron Lynx and Iron Dames skins made by @Michaux Serge.

Thanks to @MaR4uDer for providing us with the filters.

The Pack includes 41 of 42 skins (missing the DKR for now)

If you have used some of the individual skins and want to use this pack instead, you have to remove those, else there will be some conflicts.


If you're looking for individual download you can check out:
José M:
unpack and copy each mas file to its corresponding vehicle and version folder:

copy file
"European Le Mans Series 2022 Porsche 991 RSR GTE.mas"
to folder
......rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles\Porsche_991RSR_GTE_2017\3.11

Remember to copy to latest version number!

We really hope you like this pack and please, enjoy it!


Latest updates

  1. Improved some icons

    GTE: - Improved resolution to #60 & #80 car. - New ones have Goodyear tyres. LMP2: - Improved...

Latest reviews

The car skin 83 of the Iron Dames isnt working, is posible to fix? thanks
Great pack, thats what we need. Many thanks.
a must have, thanks a lot
Amazing, thank you very much!
Fantastic, thanks very much for these, very cool.
Great work and if we had a talent file now the package would be perfect. Thank you guys.
Incredible work, amazing! Thank you very much for your effort.
amazing thankyou so much guys.
A true labour of love and it shows. Thanks for all the effort you guys put into bringing this together
I am lost for words guys this is a massive amount of work and all high quality skins.... amazing stuff !
Thank you
Thank you for having put all these cars together... I fully agree. Thanks Thomas and José for your amazing skins. Kind regards.
Great package ! ! ! Thanks guys for the time, work and attention to detail you put into this project. It turned out great.

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