2022 GT World Challenge Europe x Spa 24 ROWE Racing #98

2022 GT World Challenge Europe x Spa 24 ROWE Racing #98 0.1

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ROWE Racing BMW M4 GT3

Driven by Nicky Catsburg, Augusto Farfus, and Nick Yelloly for the season and Spa 24.

I tried to hide the endurance lights for the imola round but its a glass texture so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

if you like what you see you can head to my patreon, im planning to set up a way for patreon supporters to have early access to skins while being able to commission as well

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Looks amazing. I know the struggle of covering up the foglights, i tried doing so on another car. If you want, I can give you some edited values to make it blend in a little better. Either way its a great livery!
Nice set of skins for the bayro. I would leave off the attempt to cover the fog lights. While it may not be accurate, it looks better.
Nice! Thank you

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