2022 GT3 BoP Preset + Extra Cars

2022 GT3 BoP Preset + Extra Cars v4.5

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This mod is a lot like my GTE BoP Preset mod. Go check that out as well as this one!

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Hello! This is my first mod on this website, but I think you all will find some very good use out of it. Hopefully.

Playing AC and trying to race any series with some 2022 GT3 cars from various sources, the balance of performance was extremely off. The Lexus and Porsche were far too slow, and most of the cars were too fast for the Acura and Mercedes, especially the Aston Martin. This mod is intended to bring all of these cars to the same performance for not only realism, but close racing as well. These cars are tested on Reboot Team's Sebring with a modified AI line by @MEDIIZA Designs, so please keep in mind that if you have a specific track that you want to try this out on, it might not be totally perfect.

Cars included:
AMR V8 Vantage GT3 2019 (Sprint + Endurance)
Barrikad Krew Studio Audi R8 LMS Evo
GTP Modding Bentley Continental GT3 2018
URD Bayro 4 GT3 (v1 + v2)
ChemFlummi Callaway C7 GT3-R
URD AC Michigan GTD
MasterKey Ferrari 488
GTPlanet Modding Team Honda NSX GT3 Evo
RSS GTM Lanzo V10
Element1999 Lexus RC F GT3 ACC
whistleblower39 Mclaren 720S GT3
Kunos Mercedes-AMG GT3
BM AMG EVO 2020 (Sprint + Endurance)
Crash Porsche 911 GT3 R ACC

You can copy and paste the ballast and restrictor values of each individual car over to your own grid/preset of cars that you want to run in Content Manager.

Please note that not every car mentioned is absolutely needed; if you wish to BoP just the ones that you have installed, there is absolutely no need to go out and get the remaining others.

Within this mod, you will also find IMSA GTD stage tunes of the Porsche and Lexus (I originally planed this to be an IMSA BoP mod, given the name, then my dumb self realized that there are more championships that use GT3 than just IMSA... so disregard the IMSA-specific name. Anyways). These cars were outliers as slow cars, and it wasn't worth it to slow down every other car by a ton of time for just 2 cars. I had to modify files to make these cars go faster, so just drop them into your cars folder and you should be good. Don't worry, these are additional mods and do not overwrite the old mods, so the original car is still unmodified. I do not take any credit for either the base Lexus or the base Porsche, nor the updated cars I am providing to you all other than my mods to them. You all should go show your support for the creators Crash and Element1999, because despite the modifications I made, they are amazing mods.

Also, please note 3 things about the AI (Which is absolutely terrible):
1) The pitstops between all the cars are not synced, so each car will probably pit at different times. I can't control this, so keep in mind that if you're doing a medium-length race, the finishing order will be skewed.
2) I am pretty sure the AI likes to use high downforce settings, so if you are using low downforce settings you will be a good amount faster than them.

Anyways, extra thanks to @Victor_ for making the CarTuner to help me go about this. Without it, I couldn't have done it!

I appreciate every and all feedback given, as this mod definitely took some time. Thank you!

Latest updates

  1. Fixed AMR GT3 + Some Other Things to Make Up For It

    Fixed the missing AMR GT3 and added the endurance version of it and the BM AMG as well. Also...
  2. Final Tweaks Here and There

    Hey guys! This Should be the final update... Some minor tweaks to the Lexus and Porsche as well...
  3. 2 Final Cars

    Hey! v3.0 adds the BM AMG Evo, requested by some people, and the AMR GT3. Once again, any and...

Latest reviews

This is pretty good, seems to work well, apart from the IMSA porsche - it's MILES ahead of the pack, which clearly hasn't been an issue for others, which is why I'm confused.

I only have the Kunos Mercedes, GTD Porsche, Kunos Nissan, Lexus RFC, Honda NSX, Ferarri 488, and Audi r8 sprint installed, and apart from the Porsche they all drive at similar pace.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
Great BoP. any plans adding ChemFlummi's GT3's?
Excellent balancing!
Thank you very much!
Hey man. Excellent work on the BOP that you've done up until now. Wanted to give you some information regarding the BM GTR.

The issue stems from a mismatch with the ai data and engine data. If you unpack the car's data file and take a look at both the ai.ini and engine.ini files, you'll see that the ai shifts at a higher rpm than the engine allows. You can simply change the ai gear up limit to 6500 and below, and they'll work without any issues. Hope that helps with the car balancing.

Trust me, even if you think you've got your gridpreset figured out, give this one a go anyway. Three 90min races on Sebring and two on Le Mans, this preset works like a charm, the pack moves along and evolves in a realistic manner.
I'm glad it worked out for you man! Yeah these cars are a total blast to run against each other, especially on Sebring or in an endurance race.
This is a good BOP! Good racing
Question: will there be an updated that will include the bm amg (most recent version) as well as the CF Ferrari? Thank you
Appreciate it! If I can find both of those cars, I would be happy to!
C:\Users\Your_name\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Race Grids
great work!, in which folder do I put GT3_BoP.cmpreset?
Thank you! Yes you can put it in the folder that @Valyul said, or you can also simply drag it into your content manager window!
looks good, havent tried them yet, but would be cool to ad the bm amg
BM AMG is now added!
tried BoP for Lexus and works like a charm also on European tracks. Definitive improvement on Barcelona for example. Great Job
Thank you very much!

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