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2022 GTWC Asia - 2 Remaining AUDI's 2022-11-16

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CARS: CAR: FSR_Audi_lms_evo_ii_gt3

The Bend #22 - Sandy Stuvik, Marchy lee
Team Hitotsuyama - Motohiru Ogura, Akihiro Tsuzuki

Ok guys I DID NOT MAKE these skins... Added some of the GTWC Asia logos and a few alterations to these already made skins... My sincere apologies if converting and updating skins is frowned upon in the community guys. But i think we are complete with the GTWC asia skins !!!

The remaining skins should already be completed
(27, 777, 19, & the Dstation AMR)

If anyone out there would like to do about 4 or 5 GT4 cars to complete a 24 car grid that would be awesome !!!

Enjoy !!!!!!
  • Screenshot 2022-11-16 143916.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-11-16 143916.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2022-11-16 143834.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-11-16 143834.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2022-11-16 143956.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-11-16 143956.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2022-11-16 144014.jpg
    Screenshot 2022-11-16 144014.jpg
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Latest reviews

These are great! Have you thought of doing the GT World Challenge Europe liveries?? Great work!
Hey there buddy. You know what i think a lot of those have been made already my friend i think the next project was gonna be elms on the new urd lmp2 but what were you missing from htwc E ??
Fantastic work, thank You again :)
if thats my audi u should have asks for permission from the original creator
Let me take it down dude thats why i put iun the comments i did not make these skins but i wasnt sure how you go about doin that brother... apologies my friend !!! removed
Thank you mate :D.. i can't find the #19 skin you mention though?
Oh i have that one buddy its just the orange1 FFF lanzo that comes with the 63 19 and 555. The current number plate needs to be removed but its one of those that are built into the ext file and i dont know how to change it so old the plate doesnt show. So right now im just using the standard livery. Same issue with the dstation amr ma man

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