2022 GTWC Asia - ABSSA Motorsport #16

2022 GTWC Asia - ABSSA Motorsport #16 2022-11-15

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CAR: mclaren_720_gt3_acc

ABSSA #16 - Keita Sawa, Koizumi Hiroshi

Just a few more GT3's to go guys !!!
Enjoy Fellaz
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Fantastic! Where did you find such detailed sponsor decals?
Hahahaha dude most of the time spent on makin skins is the logo searching man i xan make the designs pretty quickly. But heres a secrete TWITTER usually has SUPER high res images and some nice profile shots of the car so if i cant find something i cut it right out of the actual car !!! Try searching the driver or team name on twitter if you cant find something brother
Fanntastic,brilliant work! How others series You're planning to do?
After this one im not sure my friend I have made most of the grids i like to watch on tv so im not even sure buddy... I may fill in a few GT4s here and there but any suggestions ???? and thank you for the compliment on the skins brother !!!!!

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