2022 GTWC Asia - AMAC Motorsport #51 AM

2022 GTWC Asia - AMAC Motorsport #51 AM 2022-11-11

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CAR: crsh_porsche_gt3_2019_sprint

GTWC ASIA !!!!!!

IMAK Racing #51 - Ben Porter, Andrew Macpherson

I am aware guys that this is a different Porsche in real life however I didnt want to have too many cars to BOP !!!!
Hate doing the less competitive cars but its necessary for the complete grid !!!

Enjoy !!!!!!
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Latest reviews

good job but wrong car
Excellent work. Missing one star however for getting this on the wrong body. I understand your BOP-reasons for doing this, but I'm more a 'realism guy'. But thank you anyway.

Good to hear you are going for the full grid. One that note one question: are you going to finish the British GT field too, since you seem to be concentrating on the GTWC Asia cars now?
Hey thanks buddy. And yea its an AM car and just wanted to get somethin quick out there ya know. And i just did all of the missing British GT3 cars and a few gt4s, but i wasnt gonna do all of gt4 cars brother. most of the good tracks only hold 24 grid spots and honestly man im just sharing what id be doin for myself my friend. These are quite a bit of work and its just not worth the time for me to do them all. Especially for free ya know. But thank you for the review my friend !!!
Brilliant! Do you have more plans for GTWC Asia?
Yep im gonna complete the entire gt3 grid brother !!! Theres a few that are already done but i will take care of the rest

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