2022 GTWC Asia - Porsche Center Okazaki #30

2022 GTWC Asia - Porsche Center Okazaki #30 2022-11-11

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CAR: crsh_porsche_gt3_2019_sprint

GTWC ASIA !!!!!!

Porsche Center Okazaki #30 - Hiroaki Nagai, Yuta Kamimura

Pattern Is not 100% fellaz These logos were a nightmare to find !! But again the likeness is there so lets rock n roll!!!!!!

Enjoy !!!!!!
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Latest reviews

Awesome to see this livery in game! Suits the Porsche very well! Thank You!
Yep i totally enjoy this series brother more on the way !!
good job, but again this car is pro am not pro
hahahhahaha thank you buddy im reusing assets... Sorry it didnt meet the FIA skinning guidelines hahahahhahahah jkjkjk

AC doesnt separate points by class, wish it did but since it doesnt those tiny door stickers werent my top priority when making this series ya know. changed the color but forgot to add the tiny little AM lololol. but note well taken!!! kinda cool that people are this hardcore with the liveries!!!!!

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