2022 Super GT BMW Team Studie x CSL - URD Bayro 4 GT3 v2

2022 Super GT BMW Team Studie x CSL - URD Bayro 4 GT3 v2 v1.1

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2022 Super GT BMW Team Studie x CSL
for Bayro 4 GT3 v2.0+ by UnitedRacingDesign

BMW Team Studie is a Japanese Super GT team which participates in the GT300 class. In the 2022 season of the championship, the racing outfit campaigns the brand-new M4 GT3 in the GT300 class in the hands of Seiji Ara, Augusto Farfus, and Tsubasa Kondo.

This is a recreation of the livery ran by BMW Team Studie x CSL in the 2022 season of Super GT. This pack is meant for the URD Bayro 4 GT3 v2.0 and above. This skin will not work on older versions of the URD Bayro or other M4 GT3 cars. You have been warned!

This features two liveries that BMW Team Studie x CSL ran in 2022, which are the regular livery spec they used in races and the livery spec they ran in the official test in Okayama and Fuji. The differences are pretty small, as they only changed the layout of several decals and added others after the official tests ended.


I have also included a quick and simple driver's suit, helmet, and pit crew graphics.
(Thank you to these creators as they have provided the necessary items for these: Racing Gloves by @Random Finn , Pit Board Template and Suit and Helmet Templates by @Michael Doherty)
Known Issues
  1. Due to several limitations in the model provided by URD, I was not able to replicate several decals on the actual car, such as the 'Make Love Not War' sticker present on the grille and the 'Toto BMW' sticker present on top of the rear windows.
  2. These model limitations also caused several decals to appear blurrier than others, even if the amount of blurry decals are minimal.
  3. I was not able to find a way to hide the endurance lights in the Bayro in a manner that I find suitable, as the actual car has blanking plates to block these. They will have the endurance lights until I find a way to fix and block them, in which they will be addressed in a future update.
Installation Guide
Just drop them to Content Manager and it will take care of the installation for you. If you do not have Content Manager, simply drag and drop the .zip contents to your AC folder.


Enjoy ~

Latest updates

  1. v1.1 Update

    Post-release, I noticed there were some details that I forgot to address in the 1.0 release...

Latest reviews

spectacular! thank you
Thank you!
Merci beaucoup, congratulations pour ce magnifique travail !
Avec plaisir :) merci pour ce compliment!
This skin is just perfect! Love it!
Thank you! Glad you loved it.
Perfect Work! Beautiful done!
Thanks a lot man!
Beautiful, thank you so much !!
You're welcome!
Fine-tuning such a good skin even further shows how much you care to recreate the livery as much as possible, such passion is not appreciated by everyone but believe me, means a lot for those who take recreating Super GT or any other race series seriously. With your help we can bring the colorful grid of Super GT to AC, especially now that the whole pit crew/objects are now skinned, too bad the pits in AC, especially on modded track like rt_suzuka the pit is basically missing, but on tracks like Okayama, the whole pit looks wonderful and 'alive', I just wish we could see some moving pit crew while not pitting, irl the pits, especially in Super GT are like an ant's nest.

Now, waiting for ryo from Twitter to release his NSX Type S GT500 (though he started to remodel it), or URD, though it is the 2021 grid. If these will be released, we'll have a great, colorful variety of the Super GT lineup because we have to admit, it is pretty niche compared to the endless amount of F1 content in AC.

I am very glad to hear that my skins inspired you, moments like this help me to keep skinning, even if around 200 people download a GT300 skin of mine!
Again, thank you very much for your compliments, as receiving such an approval from someone that shares the same interests as I do in Super GT and other more 'niche' championships means a lot to me. It's also cool to me that even with the state of AC pits at the moment being 'dead' we can still bring a depth of realism by the crew skins. Even if I do notice that the popularity of Super GT content in AC is, like you said, not as big and popular as other more household names in car racing, it's still an exciting sport that deserves to be represented faithfully.

I'll definitely be waiting until we can get the NSX, the Supra, the new BRZ GT300 and also all the cars that are used in the current Super GT grid. As of now I'm keeping myself busy making the GT-Rs of the '22 grid (but with the older version as I don't have the newer GT-R in AC) and I'm almost done doing the GT300-winning Kondo Racing and have just started doing the Drago Corse car. Let's keep making these skins that I know plenty will need! And of course, thank you for doing such a great job. Keep it up!
Brilliant, you maxed out what's possible to do on the model so the inaccuracies are not noticeable. And the icing on the cake is having skins for the pit and a driver model, these details make a skin a worthy addition to the 2022 grid of the Super GT season.
Wow, thank you for the compliments. You were the one who actually inspired me to go all in on the liveries I made, so that my skins won't look too out of place alongside your skins when people use them in races.
Wonderful attention to detail! Nice work!
Thanks a lot!
Nice work !!! Thanks
You're welcome!

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