2022 WEC Bahrain 8 hours Porsche GT Team "Goodbye" liverys

2022 WEC Bahrain 8 hours Porsche GT Team "Goodbye" liverys 2.1

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Well, we finally came to this point, the final GTEpro race, the 2022 WEC 8 Hours of Bahrain, and for it Porsche opted to bring a special one-off livery full of all the RSRs liverys, achievements and drivers references, and here it is.
#91 Porsche GT Team entry driven by Gianmaria Bruni and Richard Lietz:

#92 Porsche GT Team entry driven by Michael Christensen and Kévin Estre:

And here it is some more pics:

Oh, and also, there is a LeMans version included : )
**Made for URD Darche EGT 2021

Latest updates

  1. Fixed the sprint versions

    For some reason the imsa panels weren't hidden in the sprint version, fixed it now ; )
  2. Nothing much happened, more of a overall fix in the ost itself

    Removed the WEC endu versions and changed it for a Le Mans version, because why not am I right guys?

Latest reviews

Thank you so much. I was looking forward to this livery since it was announced by Porsche <3
Great, what mod does this skin correspond to?
It's made for the urd darche egt 2021, it's written on the end of the post, as all my resources
Thank you! I've been waiting this livery since Estre announced it!
That amazing!!
Sad to see GTE pro go, I remember watching the 2018 24h of Le Mans, it had 17 entries with Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, Ferrari, Porsche and Chevrolet, trully going to miss the class.
Awesome job at doing the livery

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