2023 F1 Academy ART Grand Prix #7 (Alpha Romeo Livery)

2023 F1 Academy ART Grand Prix #7 (Alpha Romeo Livery) 1.0

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This new skin F1 Academy is the Alpha Romeo livery of Léna Bühler of the ART Grand Prix team !
This skin contains the suit and the pilot's gloves (alpha romeo neutral), it also contains Léna Bühler's helmet, but it's just a slight instiparation of her helmet.

Car : formula_4_brasil

it is advisable (see mandatory) to have the Custom Shaders Pack for this car, so for this skin.

I recommend that you use this Misc:
to have a performance that is very close to the performance of single-seaters in the F1 Academy (especially the top speed)

Images taken on the circuit of monza




if you are interested in his f1 academy skins, stay tuned, the 2 other skins of the ART Grand Prix stable are coming very soon !

Don't hesitate to send me messages if you miss something or want to talk about the F1 Academy.
Have Fun! ;)

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Nice skin friend!!!

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