2023 FIA WEC #38 Hertz Team Jota Porsche 963 (ACSPRH)

2023 FIA WEC #38 Hertz Team Jota Porsche 963 (ACSPRH) 1.1

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Hi folks,

Here is (yet another) skin for the Hertz Team Jota Porsche 963 that is currently competing in the '23 FIA WEC season. I wasn't satisfied at all with the current renditions that others have done here and decided to do my own. These skins are for the lm_hypercar_963, but will work on other similar models (e.g. tg_Porsche_963_LMDh)

Included are:
1x skin for 24h of Le Mans
1x skin for FIA WEC season (accurate as of Round 3 - 6h of Spa)
Highly accurate Driver skin for Antonio Felix da Costa
Highly accurate Pitcrew Skins
Pitboard and other accessories

Driver helmet is not yet completed, and will be available in an upcoming update. has been added, requires ACSPRH V1 to work.

A ton of attention to detail has been paid to the liveries of both versions. So, most importantly, you can be assured that you'll get only the highest fidelity designs.
  • more accurate shade of gold
  • correct brake caliper color
  • auxiliary orange markings on car
  • correct driver names and positioning
  • FIA / ACO icons and race-specific sponsor icons on the rear wing
  • correct exhaust shroud color and 'burnt' effect
  • correct bare-carbon on the insides of the rear wing
  • functioning number lights with correct number design
  • and many other smaller details







__custom_showroom_1687376702 copy.jpg




Credits once again to @Hoksu for the gloves.
Feedback is always welcome. Thank you and enjoy!

Latest updates

  1. Added New Tire Textures, Updated Pitboard, number plate darken

    1.1 Added New Tire Textures courtesy of @Theofilos , Note difference in Le Mans and WEC tire...
  2. Added Driver Helmet (ACSPRH), see update list below

    Driver helmet for Antonio Felix da Costa, requires ACSPRH V1 to work. Darkened gold very...

Latest reviews

Nice livery. Thank You!
Very good work - thank you !!!
Awesome livery, great detail! For those wondering, this also works on the trr 963 mod!
Thank you to share this great skin with the community! One of the most awesome WEC 2023 liveries. Well done mate!
Skin Awesome... and i just wanna know if u can make

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-Nielsen Racing Lemans 2023 #14 for Oreca urd 07
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looks fantastic!
Yup, the best version of this skin. Thanks
Perfection!!! Unbelievable Quality, thank you. The colour is bang on!
Excellent recreation!
Nailed the colour (and everything else). Gold stars for you :)
incredible skin, the color is perfect, thank you man great job !
wow Thanks
Excellent job with these skins! Thank you for this!
gg thanks
Amazing skin!

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