2023 Garage 59 Mclaren #188

2023 Garage 59 Mclaren #188 2023-04-30

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Car: mclaren_720_gt3_acc

Garage 59 Mclaren #188 - Benjamin Goethe, Marvin Kirchhöfer, Nicolai Kjaergaard

Did the best i could with this guys as you can see this livery was an absolute nightmare to attempt !!! might have been the most time consuming one yet!! Anyway enjoy if your interested.

Anyone interested in donating, would really appreciate.. THANK YOU !!!!

Enjoy Guys !!!
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Latest updates

  1. BM_Mclaren 720s Version

    Updated this skin so it also works with the BM_mclaren_720s_gt3 I heard this was a better mod...

Latest reviews

Very well done livery!
Amazing work !!! Well done !!!

Any chance of converting this to the bm_mclaren_720s_gt3 mod ? If not I get it, I'm sure this took alot of work already. Keep up the great work !!!
I can't seem to find a good copy of the Whistlerblower mod. The mess on the door stick out of the car.
omg theres a BM mclaren ?????????? shoot man thats the one i should have done !!! can you direct me to that mod brother i will take a look at the template and try and convert it my friend...
Outstanding work, very hard skin to do, thank You again :)
extremely tough buddy... i just didnt have many references ya know so i did the best i could with it but thank you my friend !!!
Thanks for this.
Thank you keep it up dude :D
Thank you for this!
appreciate it buddy !!!
your skins are good, but would be even better if u could spend a bit more time adding all the proper logos
You should make it then. I see you stay away from making the hard skins. Guess it's easier to watch and criticize others. Stop hatin dude you always got something to say

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