2023 Meyer Shank Acura LMDH

2023 Meyer Shank Acura LMDH 2023-01-20

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Car (ac_friends_acura_arx-06_lmdh)
Meyer Shank Racing #60

I understand this mod was leaked!, at the time I was under the impression it was released not leaked. Sim racing is just a hobby for me so i was not maliciously looking to pirate peoples work. With that being said i want to thank AC Friends for making such an awesome rendition of the Acura 06. I am more than willing to make a donation for this!!! and maybe we all can to compensate them somehow !!!

Anyway guys, this skin is nowhere near what it should be. The template was pretty much a guessing game and i just dont have the time to make an exact replica...

Anyway hope this is ok guys !!! meant no harm by posting this. Looking forward to the official skin from the modders out there !!!
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Latest reviews

can you make the Konica Minolta Acura #10 too?
Great! Any chance for Konica Minolta Acura #10?
Great livery. Yes its a leaked mod but its not you that did that so please continue with your work I do not see any harm.
My point exactly, Hit me in the DM man ive done all 3 cadillacs if your interested buddy but to avoid the RD drama i wasnt gonna upload them !!
great skin!
Thank you very much for this
thanks for your painting
u cant just say ur not being malicious and then continue to use a pirated mod
But you downloaded it hahahhahahahhahahha GTOH

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