2023 Nürburgring 24h / SchnitzelAlm Racing [4K]

2023 Nürburgring 24h / SchnitzelAlm Racing [4K] 1.0

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For the RSS GT-M Mercer V8.


Skins to replicate the look of the cars entered by Niederzissen-based team SchnitzelAlm Racing in the 2023 Nürburgring 24h. Germans Marek Böckmann and Marcel Marchewicz pulled driving duties on both cars, pairing up with Luca-Sandro Trefts and Kenneth Heyer in the #10 HDM Motion car, and with Patrick Assenheimer and Colin Caresani in the #11.

Will I upload NLS / GTWS / LMEC variants? Maybe - but only after RSS will release the promised V2 version with sprint foglight covers!




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It wasn't fast but boy was it pretty, and you captured them perfectly here. Thank you.
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
Great skin thanks. I think there is an extension floating around that lets you add the Merc star on the grille and the endurance lights covers.
There is indeed an extension by @Chem-Flummi that adds the Mercedes logos and appropriately repositions the Lumirank, but I've elected not to include it (if people are interested, however, they can download @finnbot's eccellent #3 GetSpeed and lift the files and config from there - just remember to delete the front windshield banner I've included if you do!).

As for the light covers, the current solution is a bit of a pain to work with, and RSS should release an update to address that anytime now - so I'd rather wait for that.

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