2023 Super GT - Rookie Racing Toyota Supra GT500 #14

2023 Super GT - Rookie Racing Toyota Supra GT500 #14 2023-03-20

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Car: fp_toyota_gr_supra_gt500_test
(DM me for info on the car mod)

Team Eneos #14 - Kazuya Oshima, Kenta Yamashita

Toyota Supra GT500 by the great @EShglz

SUPER difficult livery to make guys so its not an exact replica Some of the logos aren't the greatest quality due to lack of visibility or being able to find them. Will update this when the more images and angles arrive...

Anyone interested in donating, would really appreciate.. THANK YOU !!!!

Enjoy Guys !!!
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You're doing the good work, sir. Many thanks.
thanks my friend !
thank you!!!!!
Fantastic skin , Finally some SGT 500 , I hope they upgrade the car the owner :) Just love how the Eneos looks !!!!!!!!! thank you
Heck yea man !!! the guy said he was going to continue to improve the mod but i will def keep you posted and if i see anything i will post the update my friend !!
Keep going Bud

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