2023 Super GT Team ENEOS ROOKIE

2023 Super GT Team ENEOS ROOKIE 0.9

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Car: superrace_stockcar_2021 (Garage ACTK)

#14 Team Eneos ROOKIE - Kazuya Oshima, Kenta Yamashita
(not 100% on this being the 2023 Livery but will update)

So ive completely lost faith in the new Super GT Supra GT500 mods guyz.

As a big fan of super GT ive found this Toyota that has similar speeds (a little quick) but somewhat a similar style as the supra so i went with it...

Template is a little quirky so some of the logos and lines appear jagged but its just the body shape. And since this is really for personal use i didnt spend a whole lotta time with these... Will be doing a 2023 super gt grid if anyone is interested !!!

Will update the logos as newer images come out and we get closer to the season
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