2023 WEC Porsche 911 RSR pack

2023 WEC Porsche 911 RSR pack Final

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Hello Hello, unfortunately we are seeing the final season of the GTE cars in WEC, and as I made in last year all the porsches that competed on the WEC championship, why not also make the ones from 2023? Anyway, HERE THEY ARE:

#77 Dempsey-Proton Competition driven by Christian Ried, Mikkel O. Pedersen and Julien Andlauer:

#86 GR Racing driven by Ben Barker, Riccardo Pera and Michael Wainwright:

#85 Iron Dames driven by Rahel Frey, Michelle Gatting and Sarah Bovy:

#60 Iron Lynx driven by Matteo Cressoni, Alessio Picariello and Claudio Schiavoni:

#56 Team Project1/AO Racing driven by Matteo Cairoli, P.J. Hyett and Gunnar Jeannette:

#88 Proton Competition driven by Ryan Hardwick, Zacharie Robichon and Harry Tincknell:

That's all, have fun !
*Also, both the Iron Dames and Iron Lynx have light numberplates in their files, to use it just go on assettocorsa/content/cars/urd_darche_egt_2021_sprint/2023_WEC_Iron_Dames_85 or assettocorsa/content/cars/urd_darche_egt_2021_sprint/2023_WEC_Iron_Lynx_60, there you will find the file "Dark", just drag the archives to the main folder and boom, light numbers : ).
*Made for the URD Darche EGT 2021 Sprint

Latest updates

  1. I forgor

    I forget to put the number in the hood of the new gr racing, sorry plus iron lynx and iron dames...
  2. Final update

    Farewell version of GR racing added
  3. Quick little update

    Updated a lot of logos and added a lot of logos thanks to the race being close and the cars...

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Incredible Work
mr glide skins boomin
Great work. Thanks for sharing.
Nice pack dude..... #86 GR Racing it's beatiful.
Excellent skins! Thank you for doing these for this final season!
awesome stuff
Great work!
Thanks a lot!
Great Work as always!

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