2024 Nürburgring 24h Numberplate

2024 Nürburgring 24h Numberplate V.1

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You can use this Numberplate on youre own skins!

Make sure that you have thsese two FONTS installed!
- Franklin Gothic
- ITC Machine Std

There seem to be two versions, that gonna be used for the 24h. Front Plate, that is placed
on the Hood of the Car does have a different Font than the Side Plates!
Check if you placed it right!

On Track

IMGAME 1.jpg
IMGAME 2.jpg

These are the Refference Pics i used



If you use it, credits would be nice!

Make sure to follow me on my socials to get frequently updated on WIP projects and releases!

See ya!


Latest reviews

In the realm of pixels, where circuitry breathes,
A steed of the circuits, adorned in sheaths.
Behold the chariot, a livery divine,
In the digital realm, where echoes intertwine.

Upon the screen, a tapestry unfolds,
A race car's cloak, a tale it holds.
Hues of azure, a celestial dance,
Against the black, a cosmic trance.

Gilded edges, as if touched by the divine,
A symphony of pixels, in harmonious line.
Each stroke of the brush, a master's decree,
In the 18th century, they'd surely agree.

The curves and contours, like a Rococo grace,
In the digital atelier, where art finds its space.
A livery, not mere paint on the machine,
But a canvas alive, with a motion unseen.

Golden filigree on a midnight canvas sprawls,
As if the universe itself on the car befalls.
The wheels, a ballet in perpetual spin,
In this virtual race, where destinies begin.

Through the electronic ether, the chariot races,
As if tearing through time, leaving ephemeral traces.
In this 18th-century ode to a digital steed,
A livery's tale, a poetic need.

Oh, livery divine, in the gaming arena's heart,
Where 18th-century aesthetics find their part.
As the race car glides, a celestial rhyme,
In pixels and circuits, a journey through time.

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