2REAL - 4R Hometown Realistic Traffic Simulation Mod

2REAL - 4R Hometown Realistic Traffic Simulation Mod 1.4

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Realistic Traffic Mod with very good performance even on low spec PC's. Load up to 2000 Cars live in the Simulation via new CSP Traffic Planner Tool. Many options to change the traffic settings quick & easy.

Experience completely new Traffic behaivour on 4R Hometown Project Map with 2REAL Traffic Mod!



1. Make a copy of the original Track folder and rename it to ''4R_Hometown_1_4_Traffic''
2. Drop the traffic.json and surfaces.ini file from the download in each layouts /data folder from the track (ex.: assettocorsa/content/tracks/4R_Hometown_1_4_Traffic/Autobahn/data)
3. Activate Traffic via Taskbar-> Object Inspector -> Traffic Planner

Thats it :) Hope you have some fun with that!

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Latest updates

  1. Update for NEW 1.4 Version of 4R Hometown

    Out Now on my Patreon (Early Access) Download Map: https://www.patreon.com/posts/89994521
  2. Hamburg - Trailer for 4R Hometown Map

    Official Trailer for my first selfmade map project - 4R Hometown. Map Download...
  3. Added missing surface file

    surface file is now needed to get the traffic working on the 1.3 version of the map, now...

Latest reviews

After failing to get any public 2real mod to work and getting kicked banned out of their public discord by some kid girl moderator, just by asking if better guides available.. I decided to join 4R Patreon if maybe things are more clear there.. on my third attempt to install 2Real mods, which was 4R map this time from their patreon It failed for me again, waited for a day in their discord 0 answer, noticed same girl mod was there too so I left the patreon, so if anyone struggles installing public free mods, dont bother patreon is same.. I would recommend SRP Revival Project, clear guides to get everything installed in minutes and works nicely..

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