3D Trees in 2 minutes with TreePlanter

3D Trees in 2 minutes with TreePlanter 0.81

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TreePlanter designed to streamline the process of adding and editing 3D trees on existing tracks.

Note that 3D trees requires CSP 0.1.79 or greater.

Drop zip file in ContentManager or copy Lua folder to assettocorsa\app\.

  • Live Preview
  • Can locate trees individually, on edges or in areas (polygon)
  • Tree file versioning
  • Ability to select different trees (use your own)
  • Tree base WILL follow the terrain or whatever objects it's placed on :)
  • For better results try using a view pointing down
  • Your GPU. Be careful not to add too many trees
  • Making the application compatible for CSP 0.1.79 and 0.1.80 preview was challenging. You might find bugs depending on your version of CSP 0.1.80 preview.
  • Unlimited undo
  • Edit multiple trees
  • Live editing (requires CSP 0.1.80 RELEASE version not available yet)
Demo: Youtube



palm alley.jpg

Here is a none exhaustive list of the tree I use. I will not package them as I want the creators to keep the credits for their work
Just drop the .bin or .zip in the extension/trees folder under your track.

Tree creation softwares:
  • Treeit (used by me to create maple.zip and by tcfshcrw)
  • SpeedTree (used by CSP team to create tree0.zip)

Happy tree planting!

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Latest reviews

Very nice app!!
1 bug ive noticed is when i plant a tree and it is raining, the rain will fall above the ground by around 5 meters. Not hitting the road and leaving a dry area/shadow on the road.
Very good tool, ideal for giving life to old tracks. Leaving aside what they mention that sometimes they are planted anywhere (that's because one gets too excited when planting and loses the reference to the soil, nothing important) it caught my attention that he wanted to plant some palm trees, and when adding another one, the size changes of the previous ones. Aside from that, it's very good. Thank you.
bug: sometimes when saving the app corrupts ext_config.ini deleting info and scrambling the file. 3rd or so time its happened now, and Ive lost 3 hours of manual lights placement :(
Great app, really useful. However, it will delete your original ext_config if you haven't saved it and not all the trees stick to the ground.
Simply amazing! Thank you for your work.
What a great tool! I am building a program able to detect existing trees and produce a trees.txt file, and with treePlanter I can fill in the voids let by the trees I can('t detect yet. Thanks!
I did similar but was struggling with trees that are grouped/joined/combined as a single object. Let me know if you figure...
Ok cool. I was able to plant about 17.500 trees in about an hour. Works very well.
It almost works too good. It's hard to chill when it's that easy.
Fantastic work! makes every track I put it on feel alive!!!
A question tho - could you make one of these for cones? would make creating formula student tracks possible!
I have one that is not yet publicly available. It places cones manually or automatically based on your fastest lap. Will let you know when available. Expect it by mid-April.
It is a great application, before I did it with the first method, I already knew how to do it and create my own trees, this method is even better, I don't know where to put the trees that you can create yourself to put them like this.
Does exactly what it was advertised for and has good potential
Hope to see more :)
And especially useful for maps like hometown...
Amazing App! It would be nice to have palm trees, conifers and bushes. Also you can't deselect markers you have placed in point mode without closing the app currently. Removing trees is a bit of a drag as well. it would be cool if you could integrate a selection tool so you can delete whole groups at once.
Just some ideas you might want to take a look at in the future :)
Thanks for making this app. Absolute gamechanger!
Great idea!
Insane ;-) I love Assetto Corsa and all the modders. Spectators are a brilliant idea for all the "Ghosttracks" :-)
What an app! Makes life so much easier
In before someone does the Targa Florio with 100.000 trees.
Amazing App, Good Job!
Simplifies use of CSP 3D Trees significantly!
Hopefully we see more Track-Creators making use of this.
Works great for reviving Maps with poor Vegetation.
Game changer makes my maps like srp feel more real. thank u bro
Great app
Amazing app. If you managed to succeed in doing the same for spectators (2D or 3D ones), I just want you to know that I love you.
I managed to put any other kind of objects. Before making it too public I want to validate with CSP team that this will not cause side effects. Anyway, everything is 3D, what we call 2D trees are 3D objects with as little as 2 mesh.
deluxe !

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