#55 GMB Motorsport Aston Martin 24H of Le Mans 2023

#55 GMB Motorsport Aston Martin 24H of Le Mans 2023 1.1

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After a long time of no releases i decided to make and publish my skin of the #55 GMB Motorsport Aston Martin that competed in the 24h of Le Mans in 2023. It's not the best quality and skin you will see but i tried my best and worked to 2 AM in the night on this livery. I hope you appreciate it and friendly feedback is always welcome.

This livery is made for the URD AMR.

Screenshot_urd_amr_egt_2019_sx_lemans_15-5-123-14-34-28 (1).png

Latest reviews

Skin Awesome... and i just wanna know if u can make

-Vector Sport Lemans 2023 #10 for Oreca urd 07
-Nielsen Racing Lemans 2023 #14 for Oreca urd 07
-Graff Racing Lemans 2023 #39 for Oreca urd 07
-DKN Engineering Lemans 2023 #43 for Oreca urd 07
-Algarve Pro Racing Lemans 2023 #45 for Oreca urd 07
-TF Sport Lemans 2023 #72 for AC AMR EGT 2019
Algarve is being made soon from what i heard. TF Sport #72 is made but not released. And vector sport is my next project
Thanks for the 2023 LM car...great skin... What i am still missing from all the AC Cars are the #72 TF Sport Aston Martin. The #43 DKR Engineering Oreca07 and #45 Algarve Pro Racing Oreca07.
great, please add the missing 55 carnumber and it would be perfect
Looks great, thanks for this
Love u man :)
big big thanks,always appreciate people filling the gaps of missing liveries
Awesome Grid almost complete thanks mate
Great work! Now just missing the #72 TF Sport for Aston Martin. Hope you plan to work on that too!
Looks ace - thank you for working the nightshift and bringing us this beauty!
many thanks for your work!

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