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6 Drift skins pack 2014-06-04

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This pack contains 2 sets of skins for all 3 drift cars.

A Super Mario theme and a Sonic X theme, for....

BMW M3 e30 drift
BMW M3 e92 drift
BMW z4 drift

e30 mario.jpg
e30 sonic.jpg
e92 mario.jpg
e92 sonic.jpg
z4 mario.jpg
z4 sonic.jpg
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pure epicness :)
Could you make the zelda one? Like in Forza 5? That would be so much cool!
i COULD make it, if i had some zelda images and i actually liked zelda. But as i am not into zelda at all, i dont really have the drive or the images to do it..

How about you have a go yourself, its very rewarding knowing you have something to upload and offer to other people. And its way more satisfying knowing you made the exact skin you wanted rather than hoping the other persons idea of what you want, is the same..

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