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70 Daytona 1.0

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Based on work by SergioLoro, Goggles Pisano, and Denis Rioux.
Modified by NormHart and MotorFX
Many textures by MotorFX
Many objects by James Burroughs
And a lot of stuff from the great GPL community
AIW and CAMS by TaufikP and Motorfx

A special mention goes to DKutz who not only shared his memories of this track but sent NormHart his copies of the original race programs from the 24 hours of Daytona 1969, 1970, and 1971.
Conversion or modification of the CSGT Holiday Preview Mod for rFactor is not allowed, whatever the destination platform.
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Our mods/patches may not be profited commercially by a third party unless permission is granted by the CSGT Group.
We accept no responsibilities for losses or damage resulting from the use of our mods/patches.
Use of this mod implies agreement with this license. If you don't want to comply with the license don't play our mod.

enhanced version for GTR2
as it was originally a gpl track .I had to do a lot of remapping of the materials, especially on the grass, replaced 2d trees with reworked 3d trees and some palms by the lake..

put into race07/gtrevo so made some changes to the cameras,aiw and track mapping, textures and cones no longer moveable, but cast shadows as do the moveable marker signs plus other odd objects to work in this format.

cheers Ken

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