#97 Aston Martin Vantage GTE PRO

#97 Aston Martin Vantage GTE PRO Final

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"The #97 Aston Martin Vantage GTE has finished third in the GTE Pro category in its home FIA World Endurance Championship race, the Six Hours of Silverstone, recording the fastest lap in the GTE class and leap-frogging to second place in the championship standings.

The Gulf-liveried car started from fourth on the grid, following a drying qualifying session that was dominated by tyre choices. First in the driving seat, Darren Turner (GB) was quick to challenge the leaders, soon charging the car into second place in the GTE Pro class. Hot on the heels of the leader for several laps, Turner pitted for tyres and fuel and team-mate Stefan Mücke (D) continued the race for first place. The German driver proved successful in his bid and, by lap 71, the V8-powered Vantage was leading the GTE Pro race.

One position lost during a pit stop and driver change put Turner back into second, a position that he held until the end of his double-stint. However, with a change to Adrian Fernandez (MX) scheduled, Turner reported splitter damage, which was causing the front end of the car to vibrate. During the pitstop, the splitter was repaired, losing the team just short of one minute and 30 seconds. Mücke returned to the car and re-entered the race in fourth place.

This wasn’t enough to deter Mücke who continued closing down the third place car at up to four seconds per lap, recording the fastest GTE lap of the race - 2:01.758. This paid off and the #97 closed in on the third place car resulting in a thrilling wheel-to-wheel- battle, which ended with the Vantage GTE taking the podium position. "

This project is replica this car design from Simrace.pl



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Excellent livery. Which Aston Martin Vantage mod does this skin apply to as I have two cars , one from Assetto Garage and another and it will not fit either.
Great job, thank you!
Very nice skin, well done! Thanks !
Looks good! Where can i get this car?
very, very, nice! makes more appetite for the coming WEC season!
very beautifil , thank .

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