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Abbeville 0.0.8

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Based on the original

Pilotage Stadium Abbeville
for rFactor by julio76600
conversion for AC by thestrobe8 aka s_denis


Original creators:
  • julio76600 - modeling, texturing, scene
  • julio76600 - former modeling, organisation
  • julio76600 - texture

Latest reviews

ok it is good. but no map picture and replay cameras. only good to drive with slow cars.
Download with AI fix into support section otherwise when you select Quick Race return to menu. Good track but only three opponents and no circuit's map.
Nice twisty track. This new AI seems to work well. The old ones used to crash in the first corner.
Been there for track days, even the bump at the end of the finish straight is there. ;-)
Good work guys.
habitants Abbeville je connais très bien ce circuit un grand merci et très bon boulot
thanks for this track
Very fun track to drive. It exacts the best skills of a driver and has plenty of exhilaration in each corner. Each car behaves a little differently on this track making for very challenging racing. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. A functional track map sure would be nice.
fantastic track , great quality modelling welldone lookin forwards to the next !!!!
Great track, lots of track side objects, great curbs(like the blue and white) the hot air balloons and most importantly great FPS and exciting racing. More than 4 AI would be the only improvement I can think of. separate down load

Thank you very much
thank---------soon will add Pit =)
pas mal du tout , félicitation..!!!..

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