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AC: Formula Championship ALPHA-v0.2.7

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Build. Race. Upgrade. Win.
AC: Formula Championship is a free standalone app and mod, which will let you manage a constructor team and race in a self setup championship season. Wherein you can build your own car to compete against other teams.
This app is my attempt to recreate the F1 myTeam mode into Assetto Corsa

Alpha v0.2 Release Changes: CHANGELOG
Latest development update: Small progress update + unsupported RSS 2022 cars.

Features Alpha V0.2:
  • Full custom championship season from start to end
  • Constructors team support
  • AI team management for non-player teams
  • Per team Aerodynamic development
  • Season budget and team economy
  • Reduce drag and increase down-force on each aerodynamic surface of your team's car.
  • Constructors Championship Standings
  • Team Performance index.
Installation instructions:
1. Paste the AC Formula Championship folder inside your Assetto Corsa installation folder.
2. Run the .jar
3. Enjoy!!

As this is the first Alpha release, expect some instability and balance issues which will be worked on in the future.
If you're experiencing any issues with the app, please make a post on the discussion board so I can iron out these issues.

Java 11 or higher:
To make sure you have the correct version of Java installed on your computer, open up any command prompt (cmd) / terminal and type in "java --version".

Follow development on my Patreon and roadmap.


Free and Open Source:


Latest updates


    Hey all! I have just finished the update with some new features and improvements! Here's what...
  2. Small progress update + unsupported RSS 2022 cars.

    Patreon post Hey all I am here today to give you a small update on the progress of the app...
  3. Retrospective Alpha-v0.2 and the next steps

    Patreon post: Now that the release is more stable I can...

Latest reviews

For some reason when I complete the data for my last team when creating a new season, I press "continue" and nothing happens. The season is not saved and I've tried to remake it multiple times yet it seems it doesn't work! Help pls!
This happens when there is info missing or incomplete in one of the teams. Make sure all info is filled in correctly and each team's car has a valid data folder.

If you're sure you filled everything out correctly and it is still happening, make a comment in the discussions section and we'll get to the bottom of this.
Hey I am trying to load a season but its not working
Hey Niko, im sorry to hear you're having issues with the new update. I was trying to avoid making previous saves unplayable but looks like I missed something.
If you could send me a DM we can resolve the issues if you're feeling up to it.
Hey, every time i try to start a championship it crashes when i try to select the folder for the team
Hey Jajuny,
I have just released the newest version of the app. This version includes a fix for your issue. If you continue having issues please post another message on the disccusions section.

Hope you have a nice day!
Nice app!
Great app to start off my F1 career!
I made a more deep testing with your app and it works very well. I'm sorry for the bad review I posted the other day. I reported my own review which I hope the moderators will delete soon.
Great idea for sure, looking forward to see some kind of career to actually progress through the seasons, maybe also with a managing aspect of teams getting rebranded as well!

And sad to see other people don't know what to use the reviews for...
Thanks for the rating my friend!

And its fine, I am going to assume my total rating will fix itself over time as the app gets bigger. You're just the beginning

Funny you should mention post-season progression and team rebranding as those features will be added in Alpha-v0.2!
Happy Holidays!
If I start the java file its crashing
Do you have Java installed on your machine?

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