AC GPK Baku (2023 update)

AC GPK Baku (2023 update) 2.0

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Grand Prix Karting Baku
Assetto Corsa Grand Prix Karting version of Baku

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GPK Baku 2023 01.jpg

Update version 2.0

Sausage kerbs
The tires at the inside of corners for preventing cutting corners are replaced by sausage kerbs. These will still prevent you from cutting corners, but when hitting them it will be less dramatic.

3d trees
The old 2d trees are replaced by the newest 3d trees. For seeing these trees you need to have Content Shaders Patch version 0.1.79 installed. With older CSP versions or no CSP you will still see the old 2d trees. We have tested the impact on FPS, and in our tests it had no significant impact.

Track lights
Not all older GPK tracks did have track lights. With the 2023 updates all tracks will have track lights. The track lights at Baku are a bit different from the other GPK tracks. On the other GPK tracks the track lights are more like on real F1 tracks with night races, they illuminate the track quite brightly.

Because F1 drives on Baku during the day, the street lighting on GPK Baku has more of an evening atmosphere of a city.

Old version tires at inside of the corners and 3d trees:

GPK Baku 2023 08.jpg

2023 update sausage kerbs, 3d trees and track lights;
GPK Baku 2023 09.jpg

FSGP 2023
During every Formula 1 weekend in 2023 we organize a FSGP race in the MAD Formula MFT02 on the GPK version of the Formula 1 circuit. Information can be found at simracinggp Formula Student community.
For every FSGP race there will be released a new 2023 update of the GPK track.

The Track
Street circuits have their own peculiarities in Formula One. Monaco is one of the most popular Grand Prix on the calendar. Other major cities seem to be benefiting as well. In this way Baku tries to be the Monaco of Eastern Europe. With many long straights, a very long straight but also a slow section around a castle, Baku also has its own special character.
This is the Grand Prix Karting version of Baku. Like GPK Monaco, the dimensions have been specially adapted for Formula Student.

Grand Prix Karting
Grand Prix Karting tracks are F1 tracks with the layout of the original F1 track but the size, look and feel of real world karttracks. No big runoff areas, but modern wide kerbs, pit not on the infield but on the outside of the track, not many grand stands but a pitbuilding which is also a grandstand. These tracks are not a resized conversion of existing tracks but scratch build. Not laser scanned (because they are fiction) but handmade, which was a bit of a challenge with some tracks with a lot of elevation in the track and the terrain surrounding the track.

The Grand Prix Karting Baku track is different from all other Grand Prix Karting tracks. The others are somewhat in the middle between the original F1 circuit and a regular outdoor karting track. The Baku track is, just like Monaco, the original F1 track made smaller, with imagery buildings. The original buildings would not fit beside the smaller track.

Online racing
Would you like to race online on these GPK tracks with the MFT02 Formula Student car against people from all over the world? Then join the Formula Student community, and race us in in all kinds of events and championship. The community offers short, fast-paced, and clean races for everyone to join :thumbsup:

Formula Student
Formula Student is a competition involving universities from all over the world. Students from these universities develop, build and race these purpose-built, single-seater racecars against other universities in competitions that take place all over the world during the summer months. Formula Student is probably the most prestigious engineering competition at a student level.

MAD Formula Team
MAD Formula Team is one of these teams, representing University Carlos III of Madrid across Europe. The team is a relatively small and young team composed of over 50 students from various degrees The team developed the MAD Formula Team MFTC3, MFT01 and MFT02 mods for Assetto Corsa, and you can test it out for free here:

Track converted to Assetto Corsa by @rmi_wood & @Ofitus21
Track lighting and 3d trees added by @zuno toto
3d tree models by @zuno toto & @MJaY_8 & @El Locho (GT planet)
Original track created for rFactor by @Nitro McClean

GPK Baku 2023 02.jpg
GPK Baku 2023 03.jpg
GPK Baku 2023 04.jpg
GPK Baku 2023 05.jpg
GPK Baku 2023 06.jpg
GPK Baku 2023 07.jpg


(This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.)

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    AC GPK Baku (2023 update) version 2.0 Sausage kerbs The tires at the inside of corners for...
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    Track lights added and billboards updated.

Latest reviews

I love this guys work man keep it up:)
Great work man! Please make Red Bull ring :)
Nitro McClean
Nitro McClean
Red Bull ring is already done for rFactor. I am trying to make it just a bit bigger for AC, so it is better suited for FSGP.
Incredible track. Full size cars also work very well. Thanks
I really like the GPK tracks..!! Thanks..!!
fantastic and a lot of fun!
Fantastic job as always!

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