ACC Dedicated Server GUI

ACC Dedicated Server GUI

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Latest updates

  1. ACC Dedicated Server GUI V1.5.1.1

    Raised 'Max Car Slots' maximum value
  2. ACC Dedicated Server GUI V1.5.1.0

    Added the freaking Nurburgring 24h
  3. ACC Dedicated Server GUI V1.5.0.1

    UPnP error handling has been added. UPnP errors will now be recorded in a gui.log file

Latest reviews

Would be a dark mode and a fix for 2k screens possible? It's a bit blurry.
Thanks for the quick update.
Nice update, the UPnP works great !
no meu nao abri existe um erro 718 conflict in mapping entry
Great app when you get the Port Forwarding fixed which is nothing to do with App purely on user side I had to phone Internet provider before I could get it to work but after that everything OK Just posted a msg in Discussion to ask you about some small item thanks again for great App.
Have been using this dedicated GUI for half a year now. Constantly updated, and helpful. 10/10. Good job Martin!
Do I have to connect the game path in the GUI?
Unfortunately, I only get the 9231 unlocked in my mapping. the other ports never open.
what could be the reason for this? must there be 2 free ports?
TCP and UDP?
It's just so good!
Great job, saved me from headaches!
Thank you. but i can't open valencia...
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Update your server
Great bit of work thanks so much, I just have 1 small problem in that everything works great but server won't run when I select Valencia but all other tracks work great. I click start server button but it returns to start almost at once. Any help would be great thanks
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Update your server
Excellent piece of software!
Fantastic tool.
Excellent job
After 4 days of frustrating hair pulling trying to configure ACC Dedicated Server via various methods on AWS, I stumbled upon this gem and it took me literally less than 10 minutes from installing a fresh ACC Dedicated Server install and placing this mod and running it and port mapping. Thank you so very much. This is outstanding and well done.
There is no better tool out there for launching a practice server for your mates within 10 seconds. 10s is really all it takes. And that ignores all of the other usefull features for actual server managment. This app is intuitive, not clustered, easy to use and very stable.

This app is getting better and better with each update. Thanks a lot mate. Also huge shoutout to you for not keeping features behind a paywall like some other server managment tools.
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Thank you for the nice review.

The modding community has given me much free content over the years so I want to give something back. I don't know how to make cars nor tracks but I used this project to learn how to code, hence the many many updates :)
super useful
Thank you so much for the handy tool that takes away all the JSON editting
and Tyre Sets should be outside Pit panel.......
Awesome! Much nicer way to change server settings. Also don't worry that the options on the right are greyed out (they can be changed when you put a server password) as the creator has 'disabled pitstop and driving aid panels, because these settings are ignored by public servers anyway'.

Dedicated server files can be found in steam tools library to download (steam LIBRARY > near top left just below 'home' there's dropdown menu 'GAMES, SOFTWARE' and enable tools, it will now be visible in your games list for download. Install app in the new root folder common\Assetto Corsa Competizione Dedicated Server\server , then watch the tutorial on port forwarding

ps. also if you were wondering like me, the 'hourOfDay' can only be set to the hour, so you can't start a server at for example 5:30pm (this is kunos problem, not the app)
Thanks for implementing what i suggested!

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