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ACC Setup Tyre Pressure Adjuster 1.1

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What is it?
This simple tool allows you to adjust all tyre pressures in a setup by a positive or negative increment (outside of the game). This can be handy if you want to adjust all pressures (starting pressures and in each of your pitstop strategies) up or down to suit different air temperature conditions, e.g. a setup for 15°, a setup for 20° etc. The tool then automatically generates setups for a range of temperatures.

For example, you might have a setup that you've developed at an air temperature of 20°. If you want to use that same setup at 10°, you'd have to adjust all of your tyre pressures to make them higher, to achieve the same hot pressures. This tool can save you time by automatically generating setups, based on your 20° setup, for 10°, 15°, 25° and 30° for example. Then when you start a session at 30°, you can just load that setup with pressures already adjusted.

Unzip and run the included ACCSetupTool.msi.

How do I use it?
1. Browse for a base setup file.
2. Enter the temperature that the setup was made at, e.g. 20°.
3. Dial in a PSI adjustment, which will be applied to each tyre pressure in the loaded setup. E.g. you might have determined that 5° colder needs an extra 0.4 PSI. So enter 0.4.
4. Dial in a Temperature step, which is how many degrees of air temp your PSI adjustment is for, e.g. 5°.
5. Enter No. setups, which is how many increments of Temp step (+ and -) to create setups for. E.g. if you enter 2, you will get 2 setups colder than 20° (10° and 15°), and 2 setups hotter (25° and 30°).
6. Click Adjust PSI to create a set of setups in the same folder as your base setup.

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Latest updates

  1. Automatically generates a range of setups

    This version now generates multiple setups, for a range of temperatures, e.g. 10, 15, 20, 25 and...

Latest reviews

Hi Wally, thx for this tool. Works great and saves time.

I suggest to make the naming scheme customizable. A 30 degree setup (e.g. „KUN AGR 30“) results in „KUN AGR 30-25 degrees“. Not really a problem but I would prefer an option which leads to (just as an example) „KUN AGR 25“. The logic would be „replace the last two digits with the new temperature“. Of course this should be optional, not everyone would prefer this.

Thank you!
good good, please tell me the directory, so i can install this excellent APP

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