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ACCG - Assetto Corsa Career Generator 0.7.2

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Hey all,

now you can make your own custom champs directly in game, that means ACCG is no longer usefull, thanks all to have used ACCG.


ACCG is no longer supported by me, if you have problem with it read the various posts in this thread, usually the problems are always the same and here you can find the solution.

If you are a programmer and you want to improve ACCG the source code is available on Github.

Source code on GitHub

Thank for your support guys :)

ACCG - Assetto Corsa Career Generator


1) If ACCG crash on generate a new series go into assettocorsa/content/career folder and rename your custom series folders in "seriesX" where X is a number.

2) If ACCG crash on click "new series" button
edit the settings.ini files and put your path under [AC_PATH] like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa

rewrite it in a clean document, i made some test and i don't know why but looks like the document have put a "space" between [AC_PATH] and the path.

Very small manual
(need update, is a old version!)

Steam guide (work in progress)

When you load an existing series and you generate it for the first time, will be created a new series folder, after this every time you generate that series his folder will be overwritten!

Your series will be stored into assettocorsa\content\career folder, you no long need the ACCG_series folder!

Every update isn't backward compatible!

The Time track-bar in "new/edit event" form is bugged, use the arrow keys to move it because with mouse still cause many problems! (sorry for this, i need to find a better solution in the code).

In file "cfg\settings.ini" verify the path under [AC_PATH], if is not equal your Assetto Corsa path please correct it or ACCG will not work properly.

In this version you can create, edit and delete series, events and opponents.

This tool is really the first runnable build, probably have some bug i don't discovered and the source code need a lot of refactoring, is the first time i'm using C# as a language.

Please, feel free to post here your impression, question and suggestion need your help to improve ACCG.

A big thanks to:
David M.
Pablo L.

Latest updates

  1. Version 0.7.2

    - fixed the crash on generate issue - fixed the duplicate cars and tracks list on press random...
  2. AC 1.1 and Dream Pack DLC update

    AC 1.1 and Dream Pack DLC update. Need test, tell me if work with you.
  3. Version 0.7

    - added practice and qualifying in quick race single event - improved log system - re-enabled...

Latest reviews

Very cool and ahead of it's time. Thanks for making this. Cool that it was so useful that the game itself copied it :)
zero instructions on how to install and all links are broken. 0/10
Edit: 4/5 Stars, because its completely random which AI driver takes which endpositions in races. Just changing the ai level between 80 and 100 doesnt create a realistic Season. Content Manager still seems to be the only way to config the AI drivers talents and aggressions. If this would be possible in this mod, i´d give 6 of 5 stars.
This tool adds so much to the game, great job!
Hello , I have a problem . when I create a championship, all the oponents have the same car as me and have no name. what can I do?
Thank you for your help
Best app
Very nice! Easy to use and it makes Assetto more interesting.
Thank you very much.
A great innovation. Every racing sim should have this feature by default. It makes the sim much more interesting. BIG thanks!!!
Great! Really Useful!
There's a way to implement the "maximum grid" when set the opponent? (For example: can not put 22 cars in Zandvoort)
Or Changing the wheater by qualy and race?
Tks for all! ;)
Thank for the kind words :)

Unfortunally ACCG is no longer supported do lack of time, about change wheater between qualify and race, i don't know if now it work (at the time i wrote ACCG it doesn't work) but you can try to edit the event.ini file and made some test, same for the maximum grid.
The missing Championchip Option. This makes AC so much more enjoyable for me.
Great, thx !!

Is there a way to generate a multiclass series (points for each class) ??

Career in AC is fixed in a various .ini file with his kind of tags, at the moment the only tags i discovered permit me to manage only standard series.
Thanks a lot works very well
Thanks a lot.... Really
Excellent tool - easy to use, intuitive and makes so much more of AC than their own career module. Good work sir|!!
Works very well, but one exception.
In version 0.7.1 nordschleife is named wrong: Should be ks_nordschleife and not nurb_endurance etc.
With changing this in the event files everything works as intended!
Thanks a lot!
The nurb_ prefix in ACCG is a design choice. Thank for the review :)
Thanks a lot nice mod ;)
yum! :)
Thank you very much for your tracking ! Don't stop :)
Very cool! Will try it

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