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Achievement Hunter Corvette C7R Skin 1.0

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First real skin I've made in ages, so it's a little rough in spots.

I wanted to make a real, professional looking Achievement Hunter skin, most of what i've seen has been in Forza, and nothing has been quite realistic looking, just a few logos slapped on. I wanted to make a legitimate looking livery, and think I did pretty good with this.

4096x4096 Resolution + 2k res extra logos (Windshield Banner, spoiler + brakes) and Higher Resolution tires (Not by me)

The only main issue with it, is that preview Image doesn't want to load in AC for some reason.

Just drag and drop the folder into the C7R Skins and you're good to go.



Latest reviews

KOOL Skin!!! * Downloaded * Many THANX!
Nice !
Excellent skin mate, thanks.
Great skin. My goto skin for the C7. Thank you
Cool skin, thanks.

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