ACSPRH V2 | F1 2023 Helmet Pack

ACSPRH V2 | F1 2023 Helmet Pack 1.1

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed Albon's helmet causing the game to crash

    Fixed Albon's helmet causing the game to crash
  2. 1.0 Version Released

    Helmets will most likely be reviewed and updated after the Bahrain GP since some of them were...

Latest reviews

To those asking how to install it. You need (to purchase) ACSPRH V2. Once you've installed that, choose the texture (helmet) & .ini file you want and drop it into the skin folder for the car.
im geting white helmets when installing i got your 22 helmets and they where giving me 0 issues help
how do i install it?
idk how to install this mod, the content manager doesn't search the file for download, If someone knows and explains how I can install the mod, it would help me a lot. ty
Awesome work they look amazing...Are the drivers gloves over bright/specular next to the driver suit?
Thank you, those are perfect
This is great. Thanks alot.
Fanstastic, thank you so much, this is really cool for 4K.
Ce mec est fou!! Tant qu'il y aura des gens comme lui avec un tel talent, AC ne peut mourir! Longue vie au roi des casques!
hands down 10/10
Amazing work Marco! 10/10
a perfect mod i really want to see Alpine helmets
And he's done it again. Thank you so much Marco for bringing us those new helmet models and for creating this 2023 helmet pack, it doesn't get any better than this! Everyone, go subscribe to his Patreon, he deserves it!
come li installo brother?
Awesome!! Perfect helmets
Well done!
Amazing work as always Marco! Thank you very much!
Amazing phenomenal work!! we only need a better driver model+gloves. maybe someone could convert from f1 22 or make a new on, beacause current one is quite poor quality outdated, too bulky and have a bad animation.
amazing that you updated it and made new helmets now like the other bell version. One question: what is about the driver models?

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