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AcTools Cars Manager 0.3.63

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Small utility for easy editing ui_car.json files. Written using NW.js.

If you have some ideas and suggestions about batch processing or something else, please tell me.

  • Please, don't rename application, it won't work properly otherwise. It's a limitation of node.js' binary modules.

  • Enable/disable cars; edit name, brand, class, tags, description & specs
  • Install new cars or skins or update existing with drag'n'drop from archives or folders
  • New fields: year, country, author, version, url; autoupdatable database with values
  • Search for description online
  • Reassign parents, change and create new upgrade icons
  • Detect unoriginal sfx
  • View skins & liveries, auto-update liveries colors
  • Auto-update Previews to Kunos-style or something else
  • Body/Wheels Ambient Shadow Fixer
  • Open showroom, start quick practice (or hotlap/drift session)
  • Restoration Wizard, Batch Processing
  • Delete cars to Recycle Bin


  • If you don't like generated previews, remember, you can always change PP filter, make them brighter or more saturated. I've just tried to match Kunos style.
  • Turns out camera position depends on aspect ratio of game resolution. Built-in values work for 16:9. If you know what camera position/lookat values are needed for other aspect ratios, please, share them.
  • Please don't unpack carsmgr.exe in folders like C:\Program Files, it won't be able to auto-update itself.
  • If new ambient shadows are not appropriate, you always could restore original from the trash bin.
  • If after practice in app default launcher doesn't work anymore, just start practice one more time. Or, if size of AssettoCorsa.exe is ≈10KB and there is AssettoCorsa.exe~at_bak nearby, replace AssettoCorsa.exe with AssettoCorsa.exe~at_bak. It's a long story.
  • This app is open-source, and you can do with the source whatever you want, but I highly recommend to write me first – it's written with Js-Ext, and I can't say it's well documented.
  • Turns out there are a lot of features people don't know about. Sadly, my English isn't good enough, so i'd really appreciate it if somebody could help me with some documentation.



Auto-updated Previews




Latest updates

  1. Previews for Assetto Corsa 1.5

    Don't forget to open Settings and reset Auto-Previews parameters! 0.3.62 Previews for Assetto...
  2. Auto-Update Previews mode improved, old modes reverted (optional)

    Old Auto-Update Previews modes reverted back (optional) Custom Showroom fixed Added auto-update...
  3. Perfectly Good Auto-Previews Feature (and also improved filters)

    0.3.55 Auto-Update Previews mode now works perfectly thanks to @6S.Manu! Proper fixed position...

Latest reviews

Please update. it has many errors. And I have that net framework installed
Error: Cannot load native module. Make sure you .NET Framework 4.5 installed. (i have installed the lastest (2021) ).
at init(file///C:/Users/USER/appdata/local/temp/nw8688_18892/main.js:2132:10)
at file:///C:/Users/USER/appdata/local/temp/vw8688_14892/main.js:2139:5
at file:///C:/Users/USER/appdata/local/temp/vw8688_14892/main.js:10362:4
how to fix?
Does NOT work.
use to work and now....

Error: Cannot load native module. Make sure you .NET Framework 4.5 installed.
Looks super cool!
but i get this exception: Can you please help me.

Error: Cannot load native module. Make sure you .NET Framework 4.5 installed. (i do have this installed).
at init(file///C:/Users/USER/appdata/local/temp/nw8688_18892/main.js:2132:10)
at file:///C:/Users/USER/appdata/local/temp/vw8688_14892/main.js:2139:5
at file:///C:/Users/USER/appdata/local/temp/vw8688_14892/main.js:10362:4
Must have app! Fantastic work, thanks!!
seems like it works great but it gives me a message saying "cannot load native module. Make sure you have .NET framework 4.5 installed” but i have everything already, any ideas?
Works perfectly I've updated all my mods to make them uniform now I'll be tinkering with the names & everything! Thanks!
Uncaught exception, sorry.

TypeError: undefined is not a function
at Function.Cars.registerTags (file:///C:/Users/shArky/AppData/Local/Temp/nw916_27309/main.js:2494:8)
at null. (file:///C:/Users/shArky/AppData/Local/Temp/nw916_27309/main.js:3383:13)
at FSReqWrap.readFileAfterClose [as oncomplete] (fs.js:375:3)

Can't even use this
I always see hangar showroom... no matter what i change in options
Great tool. It even detects "issues" that Content Manager does not see. Incomplete ui_skin.json e.g. ;-)
Works fine to replace broken sounds in mod cars, by replacing them with the sounds of other cars.
So useful! Thanks for your work!
absolutely love this app you have created, been using it for awhile now, but I have a question:

what is the positioning for the GT6-Style view? I've noticed that using that preset causes some cars to have a blinding white area on the model show, but using the basic preset eliminates that issue. Let me know please!
Outstanding job, ty!
Awesome tool! It saves a lot of time organizing files for a skinpack.
A key part in our leagues preparation process.
Nice app indeed .
with the urd dtm mod the rearwing is down how do I solve this?? the numpad 0,3 like the help says don't work
This app is just a dream that comes true
fantastic tool

but my preview shots are always there any chance to get a "shiny" preview like the original amg gt3 previews??
Thanks! This problem may happen if you disabled reflections in-game.

Sadly, I can’t add new features (such as temporary auto-fixing video.ini settings or 4k-resolution) of Auto-Update Previews code into Cars Manager (due to thin and very unstable bridge between main JS-code and seriously changed AcTools.dll), so at the moment you have to enable them manually.

New algorithm works in Content Manager, but managing part isn't finished yet, so it isn't available by default in Lite mode.
have always been a huge fan of this fantastic tool and highly appreciate the work and very grateful!
*only problem in latest with AC also 1.6.1 seems there is a livery generator problem and auto-preview problem. tried everything but could not solve it.

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