Advanced Cameras Mod

Advanced Cameras Mod F2

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The mod includes modified two 3rd person cameras and a cockpit camera.

- 3rd person Near and Far - an advanced cameras focused on the driver, not the motorcycle, with static high fields of view, and custom noise component. The game feels super immersive and a bit similar to those from newer parts.
- Cockpit - it's more dynamic now and works for all motorcycle models (also added to replay cameras)
- Physics (semi pro/pro) - changelog available in the changelog.txt file (final v.).
Implemented for all bikes/bike classes

The cameras closest to the newer parts (based on two camera targets) are in MotoGP13 (MGP13 ACM + DLF Mod), and in MotoGP14 (I haven't made it public yet, if anything let me know).
Both in 13 and 14, the camera supports two camera targets and the Factor.
In the later parts (from MotoGP15 and Ride), unfortunately, the cameras do not work so elegantly.

Here's ghetto preview (v3 - vanilla physics):
Zack Jr. ported it to the PS3! He did it all in hex editor!

How it works:

I know more or less how most settings work (If anyone is into modding, feel free to ask anything).

ps. If anyone has managed to get something better, and more similar to the cameras from the newer parts, or forced free camera component to work with left pad stick, let me know.

How to install:
1. Go to MotoGP 15 folder
2. Beckup your original DATA.MIX (rename it to DATA.BAC or something)
3. Paste my DATA.MIX you just downloaded
The package contains data.mix and sources.

Latest updates

  1. v666 + physics

    physics implemented for all bike classes (more or less)
  2. v3 open

    Both 3rd person cameras are driver focused, near and far variant.

Latest reviews

I tried to change MotoGP 17 data with the same value of this mod but it always crashed when changing cameras :(
gahh dayyummm, can u make for MotoGP 17 mod like this, we need this, superb
GP17 works like **** on my laptop, so i don't plan to mod it for now.
Camera settings in 17 looks almost identical to 15 (settings in the bml file), it should work if you set everything up as I did in GP15.
Thanks for review! :)

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