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AhautNeck NeckFX config 1.1

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This is a custom NeckFX configuration file. You will need to have Custom Shaders Patch and Content Manager already installed. Please make a backup of your existing settings before use.

These are my personal settings after spending a long time tinkering. With these settings:
  • small bumps in the road surface will be made apparent, but your eye view of the road will stay still - just like in real life
  • larger bumps will shake your eye view
  • G-forces of acceleration, braking and gear changes will be communicated. You will be pushed back into the seat on full throttle, and pulled forward when braking hard. Sequential gear shifts will be accompanied with a sudden jolt.
  • Eye view will follow steering direction slightly (steering left will have you looking to the left), but is also influenced by the car's velocity (your view will tend to be pulled in the direction of the car's travel). Sharp turns will also tilt your view.
  • Look ahead (auto look to apex) is turned off - my preference, feel free to change.
I have found this to be a pretty balanced config, meaning it should work well with everything and it shouldn't misbehave to the point that you need to tweak it for a single car (if you do, please let me know which car).

You can easily edit the config to your liking in Content Manager if the settings don't suit you 100%.

This has not been tested in VR.

To install, simply drag the .ini file into your open Content Manager window.

Check out video demonstrations with different cars below:

Latest updates

  1. Updated config file so it only affects CSP settings for NeckFX

    Accidentally left all my other CSP settings in the config. Sorry! I have updated the file so...

Latest reviews

Salut Ahaut, c'est super bien équilibré pour moi. Si j'avais envie d'avoir un peu d'inclinaison pour la ligne d'horizon, quel paramètre me conseillerais tu de modifier? Merci encore. Super job.
Salut, merci pour votre aimable critique. J'ai écrit cette réponse en anglais puis j'ai utilisé un traducteur pour la transformer en français, alors j'espère que cela aura du sens :)
Vous pouvez régler l'inclinaison de l'horizon avec le curseur "Horizon lock" dans la section "Direction alignment" de NeckFX. Ma configuration est réglée sur 60%. Notez que cela ajuste l'inclinaison de l'horizon pour le roulis uniquement, pas la hauteur, contrairement à l'option "Lock to horizon" pour la caméra de cockpit Assetto Corsa par défaut. Le réglage changera donc à quel point votre vue restera au niveau de l'horizon lorsque vous serez dans un coin avec du carrossage (par exemple, le coin Karussell à Nordschleife). Cela ne changera pas à quel point votre vue reste au niveau de l'horizon lorsque vous êtes dans un coin escarpé ou en descente (par exemple, le coin Corkscrew à Laguna Seca). Actuellement, NeckFX n'a pas de verrouillage d'horizon pour le tangage. J'espère que cela aide.
Really like the setup , played with with these settings for the Neck FX settings for a couple years. Thanks
Tis pretty good.
hi,what is the installation path? i want to remove this ini file thx
The config will be stored under
%localappdata%\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Custom Shaders Patch Presets\Loaded
In the discussion thread for this mod I have written down different ways to uninstall as well:
loving it!!!!thx
Thanks, this is really good but it affects to the entire csp config. If you open the ini file with note pad, you can remove all the sections you dont want to be modified but the Neck:



With that, you only apply the mods to the NeckFX.
Woops! Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot about Content Manager having a separate function to save that specific extension's settings only and thought it would do that automatically when saving a preset. Fixed now :)
Just when I was happy with my NeckFX, you go and release one way better. Well done!

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