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AI performance change, less rain in dynamic weather, optional reverse track order career 5.1

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A review of what this mod does to the game:

Changes made to database and tod.xml files

Changes include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • An optional second downloadable version which allows you to play the full career mode in the reverse order of the track calendar. Start your career seasons at Abu Dhabi and work your way through the season in reverse track order where you will finish your seasons in Australia as the final race.
  • AI driver aggression and control levels changed. Some AI drivers will be more aggressive than others and have more or less control, depending on their real-life abilities.
  • Drivers performances have been changed to be as much as real to life as possible for the F1 2014 season.
  • All drivers have had their wet weather abilities decreased, some more than others, to be as much to real as life as their wet weather abilities.
  • Overall performance of tier levels have been revamped - the gap between tier 1 and tier 2 cars is now slightly greater, so it will be a little more difficult for the tier 2 AI cars to challenge the tier 1 cars, as it is in the real life F1 2014 season.
  • Dynamic environment settings have been altered by percentage both in the database and the tod file of each track, which will ensure that there will be less rain when the game is played in dynamic weather option. There will still be rain, but the chances of getting rain are now reduced. You will not get any rain in Abu Dhabi or Bahrain, which are both in the desert. The chance of getting rain varies from track to track.
  • AI driver qualifying abilities have been changed to match as close to possible their real-life qualifying abilities for the F1 2014 season in real life.
  • All the teams now have the correct engines as per the real life F1 2014 season.
  • Front and rear tyre wear rates have been adjusted by team, to ensure that the chances of AI cars 3-stopping at some tracks have been reduced. Not all cars wear at the same rate, some wear their tyres faster than others.
  • Tiers have been adjusted for each team as according to the real life F1 2014 season, and the performance of each team in each tier is also adjusted to be as much as real to life as possible.
  • A maximum amount of 3 safety cars can now be deployed in any race of 25% of higher.
  • Safety car chances have been adjusted on a track by track basis. Some tracks you will have a higher probability of having a safety car deployed than others, depending on the type of track and the layout of the track.
  • The 7 tracks that feature in the short career mode of the game have now been changed to be the 7 tracks that do not feature in the medium length 12 race career in the game.
  • Chance of rain is now reduced and the chance of sun increased for dynamic weather.
  • If you do get rain in the race whilst in dynamic weather mode, the duration time of the rain shower will be less. For example, you may only get a rain event lasting for 15 minutes instead of 20 minutes whilst in a race.
Please also note that weather in career mode of this game may indeed be scripted (cannot confirm this), so dynamic weather changes may only affect your game in Grand Prix mode.

If you have a previous version of this database installed, it is now recommended that you create a new profile save if you wish to start with this database, as your previous profile save may no longer work with the latest updates.

Each separate track has it's own different tod.xml file. Please make sure you copy over the correct file to it's matching track, and don't forget to copy over the new database file to replace the previous one. The tod.xml files can be found in the download of version 3.0/3.1 in the download history.

Always remember to back up all your files that need to be replaced by a mod. Otherwise you may not be able to play the game online.

And please remember to enjoy!

You want a better safety car experience with this mod? When the time comes for the safety car to deploy it will drive around the track at a faster pace than it normally does. Are you tired of AI cars retiring when they get a puncture or break-off a front wing? Well they won't have to retire for these things anymore, instead they will pit to make the changes they need. I would recommend to use the following mod made by remydeleeuw with my mod to get the best F12014 gaming experience:

Reverse track order for career mode:


Sample qualifying and race results from a full simulated season with this mod installed:








Final drivers and constructors standings from a full simulated season:



Sample of the first 10 races of the simulated season predicted weather with new dynamic weather system bringing less rain:


No need for Bahrain, because there is no chance of rain there at all!






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good mod, but after every race in career my game crashes in the loading screen. Please help
Hi and thanks for the feedback. I just want to make sure you created a new profile and started a new career after you installed the mod, or did you continue to play with your old profile and old career save?

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