Akagi Mountain Pass

Akagi Mountain Pass 1.4

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Based on the original
Akagi Mountain Pass
for rFactor by Project KAIDO

Conversion for AC & texture update:
Original creators:
Thanks to:

(Guardrail from Barbje_Keller/Rally Road Element, Cars object from Bostjan Berglez/Rally Cars Xpack, trees from jay_p_666/Great Britain Xpack, road sign from delu77/European Road Elements)

- All MALYSIAN SIM RACERS (MSR) community. TQ banyak2. Bleh 'touge' sama2 kot pas ni :p

- All d1allstars and thextremeracers community

- that1hatchi (thextremetacers/D1allstars)- Tester#1
- Ryo (thextremetacers/D1allstars)- Tester#2
- rotary (thextremetacers/D1allstars)- Tester#3
- FerrariMan96 (racedepartment)- thanks for your feedback
- Everyone......
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Latest updates

  1. fix

    time,add pit 8
  2. new texture

    new asphalt,grass texture and fix tree
  3. add new smooth

    new smooth

Latest reviews

Amazing track and tons of fun to drive on. Touge is becoming one of my favorite types of racing/driving and I personally think this is one of the most fun 'passes.'

I do have a strange issue, that the track itself is black and white and nothing I have done has fixed this, but I don't feel it deserves anything less than 5 stars, even with this minor issue.
Very very nice map, well detailed, fun to drive with friends or drift with your cat sitting next to you. No problems with installing, if you have Content Manager (PLEASE, GET IT!) it is VERY easy to install any mod, as long as it supports AC. With Content Manager, if you click in the top right, click the three brackets (Practically 3 lines stacked on top of each other), click "Install from a file...", navigate to where you have your downloads, click the file you want to download (7z, .RAR, mostly all files), click "Open", wait for the download to finish loading into the Content Manager, click "Install" and enjoy! Hope this helps anyone who is still trying to figure out how to install mods very easily through Content Manager.
Not excellent but providing a good fun. Even better if used with AI for offline gaming which I`ve done. Check out my posts in the support section here.
Works perfectly for me..
It downloads as a 7Z file, which... Well it doesn't work at all.
Excellent! Thanks... I've done some static track cams & basic AI as this track is fun to drift on... feel free to use them if you like mate :)
Most of things has been already said. Missing A to B timing, bad trees, only 1 layout, holes in the mesh, no high res-road mesh no TV cameras.... If You called it v0.5 it would be 4 stars but unfortunately for now it is 2. If You want to get permission from author and also finish this with a style please contact us and send us the project and together we can make it much better.
i love it
very nice, lovet it... every initialD fan want this track :)
but can you make start and finis? to compare times with initialD persons? :) anyway thank you for this
Good job. Thanks
bad quality
take the original track and make better - everyone knows how to write
No Start, End time = No AI = No Replay Camera

I do not care about the trees as others say, but what I just want is replay camera and hillclimb version.

That is not a hard thing but just put some objects which does not even require to use new textures.

Why? I wonder why!!!
Good Job
have a permission from the track maker?
not a conversion with "love"
Is it possible to have start and finish lines? Times are not stored. Having some sector times would be nice too. I've reduced grip to 0,98 and it seems better to me.
grip 1.0 ... 4 pits !!!!!!!
seriously -_-

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