akv8_goldcoast New fast line, L+R Lines, Pit Line V8 Supercars

akv8_goldcoast New fast line, L+R Lines, Pit Line V8 Supercars 1.0

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New fast line, L+R Lines, Pit Line and hints file

What an absolute pain this track was!!!!

1, Narrowed the road boundaries after pit exit to try and make ai form a line…. If anyone can improve, then please do so…

2, Slowed the Bottle-o-chicane down so then are not hitting the wall

3, All sections from chicane up to Virgin Australia chicane has increased of speed.

4, Main straight and other corners are slightly faster.

New fast line, L+R Lines, Pit Line

The cars will run up to 100% and 0% Aggression

Ps, Not sure if its something wrong with my Assetto Corsa but sometimes the car drops through the floor in pit areas and hitting the kurbs.
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Superb job. I did not use this track because of the obviouse AI probs.
I did no more expect somebody to fix that. Now the day has come :) Now i can include it in my Supercars or ATCC Championships
Thank you !
Richard Lofthouse
Richard Lofthouse
Thanks, i will keep trying to improve the v8 tracks )) trying to find best line for them to hit the kerbs and increase the speed a bit..

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