Alfa 75T GT Legends

Alfa 75T GT Legends V1.01

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Alfa 75T converted to gtl by JC.
v1.01 Reworked Sound files.
Just overwrite.


Use GTL Xcars to load individual car types.
stex.gtr and talent.gtr must be placed in teams folder.
original mod rfactor.
Touring Car Legends
Original Rfactor Credits
Skinning and Textures:
Marcel “The European Hawk”, Wilson “Porsche 956”, Martin “RS Owner”, Rick Piper, Rich Ward, Aus-Gollum, Prozac32
Physics Modelling
Peter “Petrol” Raemen
Vehicle Modelling
Martin “RS Owner”, OllieC, Alex V, “FSR”
Main Beta Testing
Kristof Engelen, Martin “RS Owner”, Peter Raemen
Vlaamse Racing League:
Marcel Offermans, Tim Vanhee, Timo Vermeersch, Timothy Roman, Filip Verbert, Philip De Clerck, Rik Op den Camp,
Johan Nieuwenhof, Bart Stroobants, Herman H, Ben Cuypers, Ricardo Michalewski, Donny Daems, Dieter Debonne,
Martin de Graaf, Johan Felix, Kristof Engelen, Peter Raemen
Testing v1.1 Racing League, CrazIvant
Turbo/Shift sounds
By permission and courtesy of Nil – DRM mod
GTR2 Version....
After over 2 years and 4 of us trying to get in contact with original modders for permission we had no luck..
I posted on serval sites asking if anyone was in touch with members... nothing.. So I posted that in no one
objected I would convert the mod to GTR2 and while I was doing this if a Original member saw this and objected to
post.. there was no objections...
Converted to GTR2 by Ron123
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Latest updates

  1. Better sound no longer sounds like strangled church organ.

    v1.01 Reworked sound files. No longer sounds like church organ. Just overwrite.

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Alfa Romeo! That's all.
waiting the corolla! :D
Jon c
Jon c
Funny enough, i was thinking same thing earlier. thanks for review. i must point out models are not mine,i have just converted, and made a few changes for Gtl.

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Jon c
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