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Alfa KunosRacing Team #16 #17 #18 2015-03-24

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top quality!!! THX
don't worry, blackcelica will come up with a race suit pack for this car. Great work by the way :-)
Nice pack! Thank you
Nice pack, but if I may point out politely, more attention to detail needed. For example Driver_gloves should be named Driver_70-80_Gloves_WHITE and Driver_Gloves_NM should be Driver_70-80_Gloves_NM. This will allow the gloves to show up as they should. Also it is an 80's car and uses the Helmet_1985 not Helmet_2012, a rename of the file will fix allowing the correct helmet to display. Lastly the skin folder names cannot contain a space in the text, this stops the preview picture displaying, Yours had a space after the word kunos before the _zp. Apart from that, good job.
Thimoty Decrans
Thimoty Decrans
oh crap didnt notice the space for the glove/helmet naming....i didnt skin or rename them, they are original kunos files....i think u should adress kunos for this..
Excellent pack! Thanks.

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Thimoty Decrans
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