Alfa Romeo 155 Ti V6 - Alfa Corse 2 - McDonalds #27

Alfa Romeo 155 Ti V6 - Alfa Corse 2 - McDonalds #27 1.1

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Alfa Romeo 155 Ti V6 - Alfa Corse 2 - McDonalds -
ITC DTM 1995
Driver: M. Alén

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Latest updates

  1. memory reduced and added skin.ini

    v1.1 - Date: 02.11.2016 - new File skin.ini (Crew and Driver Suit/Cloves/Helmet) - File Skin_00...

Latest reviews

Wonderful that touve done this skin :D
Big Mac is good!
Fantastic skin. Thank you for the great work.
Many thanks!
This is a fantastic skin!! I don't even drive the car that often, but when I do, I'll make sure to be rockin' the double-arches.
I like it !
Excellent !
Cracking skin mate, but the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks!!
MMMagnificent :)
Cool skin , cheers mate ! :)
Good advertising for European countries! royale with cheese :D

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