ALMS 1999 Doyle Risi Ferrari 333SPs

ALMS 1999 Doyle Risi Ferrari 333SPs 1.0

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We're going to party like it's 1999.

These will be the only 1999 prototypes I do as @DavidDGA has the others covered, but I very much wanted to tackle at least one of the teams for RSS' fantastic newly released Ferruccio 33 V12.

Unfortunately these cars were dated by the time the calendar turned to 1999 and they never really presented a challenge in the prototype category. But they definitely added some colour to the field before Olive Garden would move on to be the main sponsor for competitors Rafanelli starting the next year.

#11 Doyle-Risi Ferrari 333SP (Angelelli/de Radigues)


#12 Doyle-Risi Ferrari 333SP (Caffi/Taylor)


With special thanks to @Harbsch for his invaluable logo hunting and feedback, and @ClydeYellow for his "real logos" and early 2000s tire pack.​

Latest reviews

The ALMS master is back! Excellent job on the skins.
Great work, thank you!
Muchas gracias son geniales
Beautiful (as always).

Hope that u have plans for other skins for the RSS 333 SP!!!
Always nice to mix in some colour with the otherwise usually red Ferraris.

Hooray for Accuracy !
A great pair of classic liveries, thank you for sharing!

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