AlphaTauri 2023 Skins | Formula Hybrid 2022 / S

AlphaTauri 2023 Skins | Formula Hybrid 2022 / S 1.2

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My first Attempt at recreating Real Skins from Formula 1 and I am pretty happy with the Results! This AlphaTauri is currently my favorite of the few that have been seen before the start of pre-seaosn testing so i though I'd give it a try to Recreate it in AC! It's not perfect but again i proud with what I was able to accomplish!

Sorry for Driving Line in Screenshots, was night time when I finished and didn't wanna wake anyone up lolScreenshot_rss_formula_hybrid_2022_rt_suzuka_11-1-123-23-49-58-min.pngScreenshot_rss_formula_hybrid_2022_rt_misano_12-1-123-2-42-52-min.pngScreenshot_rss_formula_hybrid_2022_rt_misano_12-1-123-2-42-23-min.png

Skins Should work if you drag into CM : ]

Latest updates

  1. Front Wing

    The front wing now has AlphaTuari logo on it now!
  2. Wheel Covers

    As the title suggests, I have added wheel covers
  3. Minor Fixes

    - had the Chassis File swapped around (MY BAD XD) - Added Red line to Arch's

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