Alpine A310 V6 Race Cars Pack

Alpine A310 V6 Race Cars Pack 1.0.3

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Two cars are available:

An A310 V6 group V wich is powered by a 300 bhp 3.0L V6, in accordance with the regulations of the time.

The other is equipped with a 440 bhp 3.5L 24-valve fuel-injected V6 providing plenty of power and torque. It is an evolution based on the rules for groups 5, a category that existed until the end of 1982.

-extra animations:
- EXTRA_A door left
- EXTRA_B door right

-real geometries

24 awesome skins by Alguecool are available here:

Thanks to him for his great work!

A stock version pack and a fictional turbocharged version are also available:

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Latest updates

  1. Alpine A310 V6 Race Cars Pack

    Update 1.0.3: Just two minor changes: - 3.5L graphic offsets are corrected. - Slight changes...
  2. Alpine A310 V6 Race Cars Pack

    Update 1.0.2: - The taillights are now working. - More suitable tires have been calculated.

Latest reviews

Super fun to drive, beautifully made
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the cars!
The Car is great but the Sound is much to loud! You can't hear anything else!
I'm glad you liked cars! Yes you are right, maybe an update for the sound one day.
First, I love the idea of the mod and I am very happy that you made this. I love the A310 and the mod definitely does not do it a disservice.

My first actual issue is that neither of these cars are (imo) on Group 5 level. They're Group 4 cars. The 3.5 could maybe be a Group 5 with 50-100 more hp, but the 3.0 is extremely far away. The A310 actually even homologated for Group 4.

Also, I have to agree with the other person, that the cars just don't feel exactly right. They have simply too much rear grip. Getting the car to oversteer is practically impossible, you can go full throttle out of every corner in every gear even with the 3.5. This leads to a lot of understeer (which is expected for the car), that can't be easily avoided by oversteering. My guess is that lowering tyre grip and softening suspension could make the car significantly more unstable (which is good here), but that is just a guess.

Oh and the rear tyres of the 3.5 seem to overheat when reaching +220kph. Don't know if that is on purpose or not.

As it is, it indeed behaves a lot closer to a 90s Touring car, than an early 80s Group 4 car. Still, very much a good mod.
Mod not too bad overall even if the 3d is far from perfect.
On the other hand, putting the sound of MARTI'S CAR COLLECTION made for the Huracan Performante which is a V10 on a V6 PRV there is clearly a problem.
I don't think the creator is very nice to know that we're using this for another mod.
Simply Brilliant. The entire mod is so damn impressive, and I was pleasantly surprised by the 12/10 sounds!!!
Thank you!
Nice work, sounds are very cool.
One thing ! becarefull to adjust correctly the data because the wheels are not aligned with the data ;)
Thank you! Make sure align with data is checked in CM showroom.
i loved
Just wonderful.
One problem though: all other cars sound rather dull and lifeless after driving this beast.
So good, so beautiful , great sound thank you. great job
Thank you very much!
Absolute enjoyment !!!!! Thank you, very much.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed these cars.
These are seriously fun to apparatuses. They both feel so good to drive. First 3.0 version sticks nicely to tarmac, it is so precise. And 3.5 version gives you quite a ride, it let's smooth sliding at the back but yet it is so controllable. Very good, these became one of my favorites instantly. I really enjoyed 3.5 version around Fonteny.
Thank you!
one of my favorite cars!!!! pure gold! thx!
I'm glad you're enjoying these mods!
So good, so beautiful , this is Alpine.
Good fun, thanks
I'm glad you had fun with this mod!
super thanks you
Thanks to you!
Fantastic, beautiful cars that drive, look and sound incredible. Thanks so much for creating them! Please do the Renault Turbo II some day!
Thanks to you!
i love the sounds ! and the rest of the car ;)
Thank you!
I'm in love, without tires this mod is perfect.
I was waiting for this! Absolutely a great mod overall, though it has some issues that need to be addressed.

First, the good:

The modelling, texturing, and overall look and feel is absolutely perfect. The model itself is extremely well done, very well detailed and sculpted. It looks perfect. Inside is more of the same, with every gauge modeled in full, along with an austere interior you'd expect from a race car, though with details where it matters. Openable doors and a functional dashboard clock really add polish that I don't see too often on modded cars. The tires and rims are perfectly done, the racing tire markings really add a lot to the vibe. While a couple of skins are numberless and not exactly realistic for a race car, they're otherwise very well done, and there's a couple of full numbered and realistic racing skins in there too if you can't stand not having a number.

The overall driving feel of the car is also excellent. It's generally no supercar, and that's a good thing. Lift-off oversteer inherent to the rear engine is still present, as you'd expect, but it's controllable and easily handled. The front end is light, but easy to work with given tuning, throttle control, and patience.

However, there are issues that I would love to see fixed:

The sound. My goodness, it is *ear-shatteringly* loud compared to everything else, and completely unfitting for the car. I had to turn down my system volume to even tolerate driving the thing, it's so loud. Even on the outside, it fully overwhelms an entire grid of cars. On top of that, the sound seems to be from a V10 engine, which is obviously not fitting for a car with a V6.

The tires. While this could be argued as a matter of personal preference, the current sets of tires are, in my opinion, *far* too grippy and responsive for a 70s-80s car. By default, the tires make it feel more like it's a stiff 90s touring car. Compared to other cars of the era, this really does not fit. The rears are also extremely wide for what I'd expect, and the real car had a much narrower set. Experimenting with replacing the tires using Content Manager with the fronts from the Porsche RSR and rears with the front tires from the 935 Moby Dick made it handle almost exactly like I'd expect, though a bit more understeer-heavy. This is obviously far from ideal, though, and I'd love to see some more suitable tires specifically for this car.

The brake lights. Self explanatory, and already mentioned quite a lot.

Personal preference: I'd love to see the giant rear wing that this car got during Group 5 usage later in the 70s, it looks spectacularly ridiculous and it's great.

Overall, though, this is an excellent mod and car, and one I've been looking for for a long time. I love the look of this era of Alpines, and I finally get to race one. Been having a lot of fun with it and trying my best against the 70s cars it battled against IRL.
Thank you for your detailed review! I'm glad you had fun with this mod!
Thank you very very very much for taking such good care of the 310. You're a game changer for it ! Keep going!
Thank you for your encouragement!

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