Alpine Back driver suits (MODULAR MODS)

Alpine Back driver suits (MODULAR MODS) 2022-11-05

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Hi Friends, i searched for this mod for a long time but i couldn't find it so i made it myself. Hope you're gonna like this mod.

and don't forget "All the time you have to leave the space"

-For this MOD you need MODULAR MODS and BASE FILES-

Captura de Tela (212).png
Captura de Tela (213).png
Captura de Tela (211).png
Captura de Tela (210).png

Make sure you have the base modular mods installed BEFORE installing this mod

To Install the mod, Copy and paste the erp archive in _MODULAR_MODS/_ACTIVE

if you want feel free to buy me a coffee :)

Latest updates

  1. a little darker

    I made it a little darker to look more like the real suit

Latest reviews

great job
bro this makes the game much more realisitc thank you so much, from where is the alonso helmet?
i converted from f1 21
can you do it for all teams? They look too much grayish
I'm working on some updates, soon I'll upload to more teams
thanks very good

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