Alternative skin for Nordschleife 1967 by Luis B.

Alternative skin for Nordschleife 1967 by Luis B. 1

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With permission from the creator of this fantastic track. Thank you for your work and sharing it with us.

Please note this includes a new camera_facing.ini file to replace the one in the data folder, in the track folder. I have included a folder with back up of the original should you decode to revert to the original 'modern' crowds and shaders.

Changes include:
• New standing people that closer match the typical spectators at a motorsport event in the late 60's in Germany, than the default AC supplied people. No cell phones or baseball caps!!! Mostly AI rendered.
• Revised truck, fire engine and ambulance to closer match those that would have been used in the late 60's for example a split window Kombi and truck cabs as close to Mercedes L-class as I could get with the model provided.
• Smaller grass texture to reduce some odd textures when viewing from a drone height camera.
• Slightly darker and more detailed surrounding landscape texture
• Textured white painted lines on the road
• Many less bright textures - my aim is to make crowds, billboards, concrete pit structures and many other items slightly less reflective and thus noticeable, when driving.
• Altered tree textures to make shadows darker but leaves lighter as the density of shadow areas should always be much greater than green leaf areas.
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