AMS2 Custom FFB - Gt rFuktor Evo - By Kuku

AMS2 Custom FFB - Gt rFuktor Evo - By Kuku 2024-05-10

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Hi Racers

New update V1.5.3 has brought with it, an opportunity to do a full revisit of the rFuktor base file during a long long beta phase with things changing in the FFb output weekly.

The rFuktor line from Karsten Hvidberg & co has long been matured, and still works good as, but can be tricky to get dialed into your taste and hardware in stock configuration.
So in this File the in-game sliders have been set up for easy user tuning.

FX slider is now just for tire related effects, like scrub and turning resistance etc.

DAMPER slider is for the actual vehicle Dampers or suspension in general.

Regular Damping is now set in file.

so you can easily find the best output of vibes and bangs and thumps as you desire .

I also felt a desire to reduce the spring effect and create more realistic steering speed and inertia. among other small improvements and general cleanup of unnecessary or largely redundant code.

Will suit those who like an informative yet smooth tire feel based ffb .
because it’s tuned with no software filters applied it should be easy to set up for almost all wheel bases.

it’s easy to install and remove, just copy and paste file into your Ams2 my docs folder and select custom profile in game . . And too remove just delete it , and a new standard file will be generated on game start.

Post 1.5.6 27/4/2024
GtrFuktor Evo (V2)
* Less is More...
* Further improvements to improve front-end feel and response.
* Further reduction in over-sensitive rear-end effects.

Post V15.5 LeMan update 1/1/2024
***Gt rFuktor change log***
Improved Kerb recovery
Improved braking dynamic
Improved (reduced) wheel spin pull
Removed added Yaw - now just as per rack

All adds up to driving from what the front of the car is telling you .

Remember this file users a modified Damper slider for suspension feel as per below.

Thanks to Karsten for some new code to explore.
Happy New Year
Previous rfuktor Revival file still in zip if prefered

Latest updates

  1. Reverting to pre-Hotfix

    Disabled extra centering effect for FWD as effect is interfering with more than FWD
  2. Evo Tune of GTrFuktor

    A few changes deeper in the file, bit of less is more approach. Improved front-end feel and...
  3. Post V15.5 LeMans update 1/1/2024.

    Post V15.5 LeMan update 1/1/2024 ***Gt rFuktor change log*** Improved Kerb recovery Improved...

Latest reviews

This works really good! It might be just me, but also makes the G29 feel smoother...?
My in-game settings:
VALUES recommendation for G29
Your latest file is so good! Thank you!
If you are looking for a one size fits all mod for any wheel this is it, it definitely added more freedom, depth and feel to my wheel for every car making it more responsive and informative.
(using evo version)
Thank youuu :)
Been using your FFB profile on my Simucube 2 Pro for over a year now and it's by far the best FFB that I've experienced in any game!

Thanks for all your hard work.
Very good work, very good sensations for a logitech g920.
Now I have: 98/20/30/100/100.
But I miss more toughness. With the previous file I noticed the steering wheel was harder.
Maybe posible in a v3 por example? Thanks! ;)
Kuku Maddog
Kuku Maddog
Try increasing Centering_scale back up , was lowered to reduce spring feeling of steering.
Amazing file. It did not have enough SAT forces for my taste, made a very slight change and the file is THE BEST i have ever used. THANK YOU KUKU
Installed and all done. Whats the best settings in AMS2 do i need to do? I have a Logitech gpro wheel. Not sure what to change in the slidders? Any suggestions? Bit of a noob so some explanation would be very helpful
Kuku Maddog
Kuku Maddog
open the file in notepad and have a read of header.
I just downloaded this file its game changing thank very much awesome
Just awesome! Than you! I'm using this with DIY hoverboard motor wheel. It feels great. Just right amount of information. Perfect.
At first, thanks for your efforts, I see people really like it so it means something. Well done :)

At second, sorry for a dumb questions but this is my first custom FFB for AMS2.

So I put it in game folder in WinDocs section, than I choose "custom" preset in-game.

Do I understand it right that everything is already preconfigured except FX and damper settings? Or I am just delusional and I can still configure every other option in-game? Because I still see difference between different gain value, for example.

As for now, I am using 75 gain / 10 LFB / 50 FX / 40 damping. These values are not final, I am just testing "recommended" settings for me wheel from Reiza forum (Thrustmaster T-GT wheel).

So, long story short, I can still and must configure all the options available or FX/damper only?

Thank you.
Kuku Maddog
Kuku Maddog
Yes you replace the existing ffb_settings.txt file in Automobilista 2 docs folder with the matching file in download . It must be named the same to be read by game . Any any changes made will only work on game restart .

**Don’t be afraid to open the file in notepad to see some instructions in header.

The sliders effect are slightly different in custom , but the settings you have won’t be too far off , but the recommended settings from Rieza are for default profile so not all that relevant, but also the file is scaled to be in a similar ball park . . There are some files out there that suggest things like Lfb and damper on zero, which is kinda wasting the tune-ability tools that are available I feel.

But shows that it’s important to open the file and look at recommended settings.
This gave me more feeling of what was happening on the limit of grip than I have had before with m Simagic M10. However to get this I have to put up with more grainyness in the wheel than is ideal. Also force feels very light with short turns of wheel and then weights up a lot as turn more - maybe this is how a real car is meant to feel but I would prefer not such a big change. All in all the trade-off for the feeling of what the tyres are doing is worth it. Also I am not very good with FFB adjustments so maybe there is more I can do. I found I had to have FX quite low or the grinding/vibrations/oscillations were too much
Kuku Maddog
Kuku Maddog
The M10 uses old motor technology, so hard to know what it’s like myself, but you could try adding some smoothing in software , but if you are feeling up to it, you could lower the texture_scale down , maybe try 0.5 at first.

For compressing force a bit , you could add some more Centering in file ( near the master scales) , try going up to 0.5 and then see how it feels , and if need be you can reduce gain to lower peak force or increase static force reduction a little bit .
You Sir is a mad genius!!! What is you did with the FX and Damper sliders is just brilliant! Wow, just Wow. Best feeling FFB I've felt for this game so far. I enjoyed and used the original rfuktor file but this is an upgrade.
5 stars!
Excellent custom FFB on my TS PC Racer. Thanks Kuku
hello, sorry for my question but I'm a big noob... I don't understand where I should put the folder, I don't see a my doc folder in my games folder...
Kuku Maddog
Kuku Maddog
you will have to open the folder and copy the text file "ffb_custom_settings.txt"
3) Copy&replace file in to the C:\Documents\Automobilista 2" folder, it should prompt you to confirm overwrite of existing., click ok .
4) Restart the game completely.
5) In game, go to "options -> controls -> force feedback" and set "Type" to "Custom".
  • SunRam
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: GT rFuktor V1 ( rFuktor 5.0.1k 2024 tune )
Great job, tx Kuku
  • nicreg
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: GT rFuktor V1 ( rFuktor 5.0.1k 2024 tune )
It feels really great. (And much better than the preview versions)
It is the first time i don't feel the need to tweak the settings in the file myself.
I think I will play AMS2 a lot more now.
Man thanks for you work.
Have spent a lot of time with a lot of different custom FFB profiles from the usual great folks on the Reiza forums (dk, aleguner, etc.). This latest rfuktor revival might just top the list. Still fiddling with the sliders to find my happy place, but right now it's at a place that reminds me a little of rF2's excellent FFB, including violent jolts from curbs and strips if you start cranking up the "damper" slider in the menu.

Thanks for the great work, fantastic profile.

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