Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - FMOD (Sound Mod)

Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - FMOD (Sound Mod) 1.7

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Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - FMOD (Sound Mod)

"Brought to U by JustSound"​

Original Footage is an C11 but close to the C9 Sauber-Mercedes
Start´s with Original Sound ... switching each 30 Sec. close too ...

Latest updates

  1. Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - Sound Mod (FMOD)

    Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - Sound Mod (FMOD) - v1.7 ++ MORE C9 STYLE ++
  2. Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - Sound Mod (FMOD) - v1.6

    Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - Sound Mod (FMOD) - v1.6
  3. Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - Sound Mod (FMOD) - v1.5

    Assetto Corsa - Mercedes C9 - Sound Mod (FMOD) - v1.5

Latest reviews

Somewhat annoying sound, excessive saturation.
I prefer to amplify the original sound in: "\assettocorsa\extension\config\cars\mods"
No external sound
absolutely real and stunning. But I dont have external sound. Is there any chance to fix this? Thank you!
Thank you!!! ;-D
Is improving a lot, but you have to homogenize the sound between 4000 and 5000 rpm.
Cheers and thanks for your quality work
its good, would like the odd subtle misfire....not sure program can do that.
I have try second time and that works
sorry i don't what is prob with mediafire (bass missing first time)

thx for strong sound mod
Sounds terrible...
more than real is not possible ... in the video u hear the original and the mod .... Eau Rouge is already sound mod
Imerssion is amazing
Now this is another thing! Awoseome work mate, as promised 5 stars for a great work&improvement ;)
great better than original and if i can say , perhaps just toomuch surround effect (as a resonance chamber) just my opinion
actualy i didn´t use the resonance option, but i´ll made a version!! and the sound in ac is still different from other games!! like onboard ... stereo to 4.1 ... or expand!! so it´s always tricky to find the right ballance!! and if u here it on real dolby 5.1 or headset!! so i try always to get the most on dolby!! and the EQ settings u or everyone else choose, for windows or sound system ... and so on
More robust sounds, more character than those of origin and in ....... nothing to do with that of Cobra!! Thank you very much JustSounds !
Ok, this one sounds like it has got balls....Big balls... AC-DC big it
I like it, Idle could be a little off, your tying hard and doing good.....and that's worth 5 stars to me.
Soory but it just sounds like a Shelby cobra
It's good but it needs more work, the idle is pretty much missing, also when u surpass 6k revs it switches to another sound and it makes it really weird when driving, needs more backfire too...other than that i like it so far, the gears are really sweet with that low "clonk" sound.

Fix those issues, spend some more time on it and i'll rate 5 ;)
thank you, hate that there is very little misfire, but that's on all cars.....not faulting you. Sounds are always a little to crisp, NO subtle misfire on anything on everycar, or to little of it.....just my opinion.
lacks in exterior sound when approaching, sound slike the exhaust is facing the camera constantly, but keep it up, your up to something good, samples are nice!
Very nice :)

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